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Experience Points (XP) are what determines the frequency of higher value fish one can catch or your standings in the coin collection ranks.

The higher the overall XP total, the better ones chances are of catching higher valued fish you catch. Will all catches be high value when your

XP is high? No, as with real fishing, one must still accept the tiny fish that get reeled in. Do you earn more per coin as your overall XP raises? No.

With coin collecting, XP does not affect your profit potential. It affects your standings on the rank boards.


With each cast made or coin collected you add to your XP total. There is XP given for type of rod used, type of bait used, potions used - if any, and

even the legendary Wili events! The combination of these factors will determine how much XP is added to your total with each cast. With coin collecting,

how many XP you earn depends on what type of coin or gem you are collecting.


Overall XP total determines what profits you make and how quickly or slowly that amount can be expected to improve. Some choose a more leisurely

stroll through the community, opting to use the less expensive small worms for bait and letting their earned Lindens build up slowly but surely. Others

want more immediate progress and load up with all the amenities available to increase XP per cast and rise through the ranks as fast as they can. The

method you choose is up to you. Both will get you where you want to be - the rate at which they do so is your choice.

As certain pre-set XP amounts are reached, rank is also given. It is a goal of most fishers to rise through the ranks and try to be No# 1. For the most

part, rank is bragging rights. However, you do receive what we call a rank bonus with each catch; a small percentage of that specific cast, that is added

to the cast catch value. When you get near the top 10 fishers, this amount significantly increases. One must be using a Pro rod or better to qualify for

the rank bonus.


Rank Bonus can only be gotten with the Pro rod or better. When you start fishing with a qualified rod, the bonus should start to appear after a few casts.

The amount of each bonus is determined by a formula that uses your current cast value and your current AllTime rank. Your XP is not a factor in the

equation. The Bonus amounts are very small percentages of your earnings at each cast and they become a larger percentage as you rise through the

ranks. Likewise they also get smaller if you loose rank. The Rank Bonus is the only time XP is not used to determine your gain. Your monthly or weekly

ranks are not used in the equation. If you're at a multiplier event the Rank Bonus will reflect the multiplied value percentage. The formula used to

determine your Rank Bonus is the value of your catch divided by your rank.


For Gold Hunt Hunters, XP affects their standings in the Gold Hunt ranks only. No change is made to profitability. Gold Hunting is more a game of learned

skill and strategy, so rising through the ranks to the top positions is an honor and achievement of note.