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Game of Kingdoms & Empires is a strategic turn based game that is played on browser. To start playing it you will need to create an account on game page. A good strategy mixed with fair deal of trading activity and diplomatic connections will get you very far.


There are 4 core specializations you can choose: Farming, Mining, Military, Weaponry. You can only choose 1 specialization and the one you choose will get you an advantage in that field.


Not many people like them but as a ruler and protector of your realm you need to collect them. Make sure you collect your taxes in your settlement TAX office every day, its free and as owner of a settlement you are entitled to them. Settlements that don't collect taxes go poor and can't feed and pay the soldiers for protection of settlement.


Trade is very important and can earn you a lot of money. Don't get blinded by the money... Always invest some in defense. If you trade smart you can make a good profit. Do not forget to always reinvest some of your profits into sustaining and expanding of your soldiers or you'll cut your opportunity for future bigger profits short. Never sell trade resources you generate below the price because others will buy them and turn their enlarged armies against you. Keep an eye for good prices and be fast to snatch it if there is an opportunity.


We are living in dangerous times. You will never be left in peace by others who are also on a path to royal glory and fame. You need to fight for your independence. Your focus always needs to be on your military. You can occupy other settlements and win war loots. Others can also occupy your settlement but if that happens then you can always win your independence back with a war against occupator later when you grow back stronger. More soldiers you can sustain less chances there are you'll find yourself occupied. More active and smart you are in your role then more independent and successful you will be.