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XP Elixir

Gives you 5 additional XP points per cast for 15 casts.

Gives you double the xp value of collected coins/gems for 10 collections.

100 charcoal

40 Dried Evil Mushrooms

40 Small worms


Reduces cast time for 10 casts

200 charcoal,

100 Toxic Mushrooms,

50 Small worms

White Magic Powder

Shubbie Food

100 charcoal,

40 Toxic Mushrooms,

20 Small worms,

40 Poo

Pet XP

Increases pet XP per cast by 4 XP for 10 casts

100 charcoal

100 Dried Evil Mushrooms

45 Tasty Worms

Potion of Magic

Allows 5 autocasts on the Magic Rod

150 charcoal

100 Dried Toxic Mushrooms

15 Small Worms

1000 Gold

Royal Potions

Increases points when entered in the Royal Hunt Contests

(this recipe will vary from person to person requiring less XP from those with less XP...and more from those with more)

5 charcoal

2 poo

2 Dried Toxic Mushrooms

2 Dried Evil Mushrooms

10 Gold

5 Fishes

137 fishing xp