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Snuffles Breedables

Snuffles are breedables animals that drop crafting ingredients.
Players come and collect materials Snuffles drop and while doing that they help to add to your sim traffic

Preparing for your New Snuffle

Before you can bring a new Snuffle home you must prepare your land for them. There are only a few things to do but they are important steps.

1. Buy a tree or stump ( sometimes referred to as a nest).

You can find them at our Marketplace store here

2. Stock up on seeds.

You can get these from market place or in-world. If you buy them from Marketplace you will need to rez the box on the ground and click it -

the seeds will then go to your tree. If you buy them from the in-world seed exchange the seeds will go to your tree on their own.

Be sure to get your tree first and rez it!

3. You will need a small supply of crystals. You can get these at our Marketplace store also.

4. Make sure you have enough prim allowance to cover the amount of Snuffles you intend to have.

They have a land impact of 15 each due to the ability to rez materials.

5. Finally, be aware that your Snuffles will show on our Snuffles materials collections resource list.

If you do not want them to, please contact staff to have your tree set as private.

Buying a New Snuffle

The current system for buying Snuffles means they must be bought through your Snuffle tree/stump. To do this,

you will need to have Lindens in your Goldtokens account. When you have enough to cover the Snuffle cost, go to  the

website and log in. You can search the Snuffles breeders profile pages for listed Snuffles and copy the ID number for the desired Snuffle.

Make sure you have enough prim allowance on your land to allow for each Snuffle you are buying. You will also need to have a supply of crystals.

These can be found here.

Also be sure to set your tree to primary through its menu.

When you are ready with the ID number, bring up the menu on your tree and choose the buy Snuffle option. Type in the ID number and send. Your new Snuffle

will arrive in the vicinity of the tree shortly.

Please note that while a Snuffle can be marked for sale in-world, you cannot buy it directly from the seller in-world. You must go through the tree menu as described above.

Avoiding Lost Snuffles

Snuffle movement is controlled through path-finding technology. When path-finding is enabled they will move freely around

according to the limits you set through each Snuffle. The menu gives you the option to set their home space , to freeze them

in one spot, and range - which lets you set the distance for how far they can roam around. The menu also has a button named

path-finding. Clicking this option disables or enables your path-finding settings.

It is suggested that Snuffles not be kept on a platform unless they have been frozen or path-finding has been disabled. The reason

for this is that they sometimes escape the confines of a set roam range and are most likely to wander over the edge of the platform

and become lost. Recall doesn't always bring them back, especially if they have fallen outside of the range of the stump or tree.

Sometimes a new burrow arriving at your stump may rez below the level of the platform and could also become lost anywhere between

your platform and the ground below. And finally, the Snuffles produce materials that rez in the general area of where they are.Sometimes

that area is off the edges of the platform and can be hard to retrieve in the limited time available.

If a Snuffle - either burrowed or alive - becomes lost and recall doesn't find it, be sure to search inventory in case it has been sent back

to you and also use area search. Another method to search is to look at your mini map. Your items will be displayed there as a blue spot.

Camming below the level of your platform will help in spotting any areas of blue that may be your Snuffle.

. In worst case scenarios where you simply cannot find the lost Snuffle contact a staff member for further assistance.