Top Lords

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Top Lords

The Top Lords page, provides a listing of all players in K&E and organised based on their current K&E experience points
Besides serving as a ranking list, it also serves as a excellent platform to finding which Settlement you can attack and as you progress through the ranks, you will discover which size army you will need, in-order to conquer other Settlements on the list.

However, it is worth noting that when you conquer another Settlement, then it only stays under your occupation for 1 week. They can break out from your occupation sooner by attacking you back and win the war.

<img src="attack_button.png" height="40" width="40"> To attack a Settlement, click the crossed swords button below the Settlement's Owner picture.

<img src="shield_button.png" height="40" width="40">> If the button below a Settlement's Owner picture is a shield, then it means they are currently protected against any attacks.