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Chess Hunt Lands

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This ranking system is brought to you by collaboration of 2 independent programmers / creators in Second Life. The chess board was created by Aglaia (RBR).
You can buy it on SL Marketplace - chessboard.

The Chess Hunt Ranking system that ranks players and that lets landowners reward players for traffic while they play chess is created by Wili Clip.
You can get it for free at SL Marketplace - chess hunt server.

*50% commission is deducted on reward budget as this helps pay for server costs and system supervision & maintanance.

All players get listed on Second Life TOP CHESS Players Rank List
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1200.00 L$
2100.00 L$
350.00 L$
450.00 L$
550.00 L$
635.00 L$
725.00 L$
825.00 L$
925.00 L$
1025.00 L$
1125.00 L$
1225.00 L$
1325.00 L$
1420.00 L$
1520.00 L$
1611.00 L$
1710.00 L$
1810.00 L$
1910.00 L$
2010.00 L$
2110.00 L$
2210.00 L$
2310.00 L$
2410.00 L$
2510.00 L$
265.00 L$
275.00 L$
285.00 L$
292.00 L$
302.00 L$
311.00 L$
321.00 L$
331.00 L$
341.00 L$
351.00 L$
361.00 L$
371.00 L$
381.00 L$
391.00 L$
401.00 L$
411.00 L$
421.00 L$
431.00 L$
441.00 L$
451.00 L$
460.00 L$
470.00 L$
480.00 L$