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How to buy Linden Dollars (L$)

Expert Tips for Maximizing L$ Value


Are you looking to buy Linden dollars? If you're still relying on the "Buy L$" button in your Second Life viewer, it's time to explore more efficient options. Discover how to maximize your Linden dollar purchases with our expert tips.

Step 1: Access Advanced Interface Mode

Start by navigating to your secondlife.com dasboard and switching the Interface Mode from Basic to Advanced in the L$ Exchange Settings.

Step 2: Identify Favorable Exchange Rates

Next, head over to the Buy L$ page and review the Open Buy Orders chart to identify the most favorable exchange rate. Typically, the lowest rate hovers around L$252/US$1.00, but it fluctuates. To secure Lindens instantly, aim for an exchange rate one Linden dollar lower than the lowest listed. Alternatively, opt for the lowest top Exchange Rate if you're willing to wait a bit longer for your buy order to process. Beware of excessively high rates, as they're unlikely to be fulfilled.

Step 3: Consider Market Rate vs. Limit Buy

Instant Buy (Market Rate) will give you less linden dollars per dollar than Best Rate Buy. But you will need to wait aproximately 10 minutes. Check out the comparison table below to see the difference in purchasing 10,000 Lindens via Market Buy versus Limit Buy.

Buy Linden Dollars Image


In essence, prioritize maximizing your Linden dollar value when buying and minimizing your expenditure when selling. With these insights, make informed decisions to optimize your Linden dollar transactions.