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How to Sell Linden Dollars (L$)

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Market Sell vs. Limit Sell:

It's really important to grasp the difference between these two methods. If you're not careful, you could end up losing money when you cash out your Lindens.

  • Market Sell: This option allows you to sell your L$ at the current market rate. It’s quick but you will generally get less USD dollars for your Linden Dollars (L$).

  • Limit Sell: With a limit sell, you set your desired exchange rate. If the market reaches that rate, your L$ will be sold. This method gives you more control over the rate.

Set your L$ exchange to advanced mode:

To optimize your Linden dollar transactions, follow these steps:

  1. 1) Log in and navigate to L$ Exchange Settings.
  2. 2) Change the Interface Mode from Basic to Advanced. This will provide more options for managing your L$ transactions.
  3. 3) Navigate to L$ Exchange.

Selling Lindens (L$):

Maximize your returns by selling Lindens through Limit Sell Rather than Market Sell to get most USD dollars for your Lindens:

Compare how much less you would receive for selling 100,000 L$ when you opt for the Market Sell option:
Sell Linden Dollars - Limit Sell
  1. Observe the Open Sell Orders at the Best 20 Rates.
  2. Sell Linden Dollars - Limit Sell

  3. Decide on the Exchange Rate you want to sell at:
    • To sell fast you would set L$248/$1.00 US (which sells almost instantly).

    • Some people choose L$247/$1.00 US, but this may require waiting a few hours to a few days.
    • Any exchange rate higher than the usual lowest rate for example L$249/$1.00 will sell instantly.

Seller’s Strategy:

As a seller, aim to exchange the fewest number of Lindens for $1 USD. The same concept applies to Buy orders—when buying, you’d want the most Lindens for your $1 USD.

Remember, these strategies can help you maximize your returns when dealing with Linden dollars.

Happy trading! 💲💲💲