412,416 players earned L$ in Second Life! Join us at Fish HQ and start earning L$.

Trivia Hunt

Earn Linden Dollars by Playing Trivia

It's tough for most avatars to make a living in Second Life. Why not become your own boss and earn that living as a trivia champion?

With Trivia Hunt its really easy to earn linden. What's more you get to explore some of the coolest places the grid has to offer and meet all the coolest people too!

Trivia is great fun and you'll learn plenty of fun facts and information as well as making plenty of new friends!

Getting Started

Starting out with Trivia Hunt is easy. Visit our multiplier events page and find a Trivia Ball. Once you arrive at one you'll see some questions in the local chat window. Type your answers in local chat and get paid!

Trivia is a real challenge and you'll get better and faster at answering questions as your memory improves!

Fish Hunt

Claiming Earnings

The Goldtokens gaming network is by far the largest in Second Life. We serve many thousands of players each month and support a huge and diverse community. To withdraw your Linden Dollars from your just visit the Fish Hunt Headquarters and touch the Goldtokens ATM Machine.

You can withdraw your earnings as soon as you've earned 1L$ or more. There's no catches, we promise.

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