438,086 players earned L$ in Second Life! Join us at Fish HQ and start earning L$.

Cyber Kingdom Of LGH

In our Cyber Kingdom of LGH you are rewarded L$ every week for voting for a person who you think has supported or contributed to the growth of our LGH community the most in last week.

To register for voting pay 900 GOLD by clicking a yellow registratration button.
Currently you can still IM Cassie75 to receive 1000 GOLD for registration (the 100 GOLD is for you to keep)

After registering just click on your candidate and vote: cyber kingdom voteboard
There are 2 ways to vote:
- With weekly free votes allocated for everyone to use (when you vote you also gain votes for yourself)
- With your own GOLD (you can also vote for yourself; but do you really want to be that person)

Every Sunday L$ are distributed to everyone with votes according to the amount of votes. More votes someone has bigger the share of L$ reward pot they get.

TOP voted person gets a status of cbyer QUEEN/KING next 5 people with most gold votes have a status of nobility (Barons/Baronesses) with veto power on how the L$ from LGH Treasury are spent.

Treasury is filled with a specific amount of commissions from worms and crafting material sales in all LGH games.

Landowners who are registered cyber kingdom voters are automatically rewarded g-votes when they fill Fish Hunt and Gold Hunt Coins.

The funds from LGH Treasury should be always spent in a way to benefit the LGH community and growth.

Every week there is 10% decay of gold votes to make sure only active participants are elected in positions of power.

The ways to earn gold:
- Buy gold from the gold vendor
- collect coins wearing Ice Shubbie pet (he gives you gold for each coin you collect)
- release the extra duplicate Snuffles with skins that you don't want
- sometimes we run gold fishing event (during that event everyone gains gold with every fish they catch)


Weekly Voters Reward Pot: 5000.00/5000.00 L$ (each week set by QUEEN or KING from the Royal Treasury)
Remaining time to voters reward payout: 5 days, 23 hours, 48 minutes and 51 seconds
PLACE Candidate Gold votes Weekly votes Expected Reward Reward
QUEEN/KINGWili Clip631,081188390.84 L$0.00 L$
Baron-ess 1561,2471015347.59 L$0.00 L$
Baron-ess 2264,072already voted163.55 L$0.00 L$
Baron-ess 3252,438already voted156.34 L$0.00 L$
Baron-ess 4239,324already voted148.22 L$0.00 L$
Baron-ess 5230,3562044142.66 L$150.25 L$
Lord-Lady 6CirusEvans Resident224,687already voted139.15 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 7Maja Hallison172,603already voted106.9 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 8RobynRedhead Resident157,306already voted97.42 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 9Nelonis Resident145,966already voted90.4 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 10DreeMeDee Psaltery140,170486.81 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 11Gina Warziders125,963200078.01 L$80.12 L$
Lord-Lady 12RomainChelien Resident120,690already voted74.75 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 13Sunny Cloud108,249200067.04 L$71.70 L$
Lord-Lady 14awsomeaussie Resident102,037209863.19 L$66.26 L$
Lord-Lady 15Saraliz Ravenhurst97,806already voted60.57 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 16yeasin2018 Resident94,772200058.69 L$58.80 L$
Lord-Lady 17AlaricEvo Resident91,189already voted56.48 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 18CutiePie4Play Starlight90,723already voted56.19 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 19ionatastic Resident87,444already voted54.16 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 20Skar Taurog86,270218053.43 L$55.48 L$
Lord-Lady 21Robotshaz Resident70,785200043.84 L$45.56 L$
Lord-Lady 22Maliora Resident69,277442.9 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 23Parsnip Latzo61,188already voted37.9 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 24Brook Demonia60,390already voted37.4 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 25JazzFire Resident51,195already voted31.71 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 26YummySarra Genesis49,980200030.95 L$30.45 L$
Lord-Lady 27demonia Rae49,759already voted30.82 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 28Strong Galaxy48,183200029.84 L$30.59 L$
Lord-Lady 29AnnaBellaRegn Resident47,830already voted29.62 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 30Sandflea Lorefield43,622already voted27.02 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 31StrawberryWhine Resident41,831already voted25.91 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 32JustNStore Resident40,5526025.11 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 33Freedom981 Resident39,953already voted24.74 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 34Hope Zhong39,748already voted24.62 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 35XxDarkTemptressxX Resident39,499200024.46 L$24.84 L$
Lord-Lady 36KamaComplex Resident39,253200024.31 L$26.00 L$
Lord-Lady 37alabama777 Resident38,868already voted24.07 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 38Alva Swansen38,321423.73 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 39airickuh Resident37,350already voted23.13 L$20.76 L$
Lord-Lady 40tswap Resident37,345200023.13 L$24.73 L$
Lord-Lady 41Dezire19 Resident37,013already voted22.92 L$20.54 L$
Lord-Lady 42sheila64 Resident35,964already voted22.27 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 43Holly Patrick35,699200022.11 L$23.64 L$
Lord-Lady 44Ribben Snowpaw34,940already voted21.64 L$0.00 L$
Lord-Lady 45LadyBlackDiamond2013 Resident34,299200021.24 L$22.72 L$
citizen 46genoveva72 Resident34,222already voted21.19 L$0.00 L$
citizen 47Butterf1y1234 Resident33,715already voted20.88 L$0.00 L$
citizen 48Keumjoo Ahn33,496already voted20.74 L$0.00 L$
citizen 49jbc71 Resident33,466already voted20.73 L$0.00 L$
citizen 50Mocca Viper33,113already voted20.51 L$0.00 L$
citizen 51Eden1x Resident32,642200020.22 L$18.97 L$
citizen 52Sheepy Bailey32,475200020.11 L$21.51 L$
citizen 53Qwibble Resident32,384200020.06 L$21.45 L$
citizen 54sharronxx Resident32,095already voted19.88 L$0.00 L$
citizen 55Cann Fingerpin31,094already voted19.26 L$0.00 L$
citizen 56Semiramis1 Resident30,833200019.1 L$20.36 L$
citizen 57AL121981 Resident30,823already voted19.09 L$0.00 L$
citizen 58Sheringa Resident28,313already voted17.53 L$16.10 L$
citizen 59Anaconda Carter28,229already voted17.48 L$0.00 L$
citizen 60SamyraDakota Resident28,036200017.36 L$18.57 L$
citizen 61Onekindofstory Resident27,676already voted17.14 L$0.00 L$
citizen 62LadyInvincible Resident26,397already voted16.35 L$0.00 L$
citizen 63Revan007 Resident26,252already voted16.26 L$0.00 L$
citizen 64Kaitlin Rayna26,179200016.21 L$16.01 L$
citizen 65Vittfarne Uggla25,720already voted15.93 L$0.00 L$
citizen 66B2 Short25,485already voted15.78 L$0.00 L$
citizen 67CeleneHighwater Resident22,176200013.73 L$14.69 L$
citizen 68DeepPurplePeopleEater Resident20,917already voted12.95 L$0.00 L$
citizen 69Latexhexer Resident20,432200012.65 L$13.53 L$
citizen 70Cassie75 Resident20,320200012.58 L$10.81 L$
citizen 71misstyeyes Resident20,202200012.51 L$13.38 L$
citizen 72galaxie59 Resident19,162already voted11.87 L$0.00 L$
citizen 73AnastasyjaLorna Resident18,921200011.72 L$12.53 L$
citizen 74DutchBlueDragon Resident17,791already voted11.02 L$0.00 L$
citizen 75LovelySteffie Resident17,725already voted10.98 L$0.00 L$
citizen 76Ryhios Resident17,677200010.95 L$11.71 L$
citizen 77HungarianNaturalHealer Resident17,358already voted10.75 L$10.16 L$
citizen 78Roberto Roubodoo17,168200010.63 L$11.37 L$
citizen 79Pari Neox16,813already voted10.41 L$0.00 L$
citizen 80Anabelle Kuhn16,666already voted10.32 L$0.00 L$
citizen 81Andreas Coleslaw16,666already voted10.32 L$0.00 L$
citizen 82Athadu Resident16,666already voted10.32 L$0.00 L$
citizen 83BlueJadeFox Resident16,638already voted10.3 L$0.00 L$
citizen 84HarleyB13 Resident16,508already voted10.22 L$9.49 L$
citizen 85JonCernunnos Resident16,507already voted10.22 L$0.00 L$
citizen 86Lindxs Resident16,500already voted10.22 L$0.00 L$
citizen 87MartinLehmann Resident16,500already voted10.22 L$0.00 L$
citizen 88AliceSilverlight Resident16,500already voted10.22 L$0.00 L$
citizen 89Delilah Querilo16,480already voted10.21 L$0.00 L$
citizen 90synee014 Resident16,480already voted10.21 L$0.00 L$
citizen 91Katiceres Resident16,480already voted10.21 L$0.00 L$
citizen 92nicopolo59 Resident16,480already voted10.21 L$0.00 L$
citizen 93Mariyaha Resident16,480already voted10.21 L$0.00 L$
citizen 94JordanAxl Resident16,480already voted10.21 L$0.00 L$
citizen 95MajikVixen Lorefield16,461already voted10.19 L$0.00 L$
citizen 96Misty788 Resident16,444already voted10.18 L$0.00 L$
citizen 97CKRVA Resident16,444already voted10.18 L$0.00 L$
citizen 98Grace Itano16,439already voted10.18 L$0.00 L$
citizen 99RoxxiLeah Resident16,111already voted9.98 L$0.00 L$
citizen 100JiMboSLiCe51 Resident16,111already voted9.98 L$9.35 L$
citizen 101AvalonSama Resident16,111already voted9.98 L$0.00 L$
citizen 102skunky Core16,068already voted9.95 L$0.00 L$
citizen 103Yasmin Rae15,833already voted9.81 L$9.16 L$
citizen 104boenkerop Resident15,725already voted9.74 L$0.00 L$
citizen 105Sunlight Lisle15,679already voted9.71 L$0.00 L$
citizen 106smirkingdevil Resident15,654already voted9.69 L$0.00 L$
citizen 107Kathryn Granville15,487already voted9.59 L$0.00 L$
citizen 108Strange Release15,478already voted9.59 L$0.00 L$
citizen 109Caden Warden15,43820009.56 L$10.23 L$
citizen 110AntiSandy Resident15,199already voted9.41 L$0.00 L$
citizen 111InnocentBrat Resident15,199already voted9.41 L$0.00 L$
citizen 112Rainbow Zulaman15,199already voted9.41 L$8.74 L$
citizen 113Thomas3189 Resident15,199already voted9.41 L$0.00 L$
citizen 114Enchante Resident15,171already voted9.4 L$0.00 L$
citizen 115Poetic Enchantment15,12720009.37 L$10.02 L$
citizen 116MistyFishEyes Resident15,102already voted9.35 L$0.00 L$
citizen 117InterstellarStarcruiser Resident14,99820009.29 L$9.93 L$
citizen 118emberjayne Resident14,66620009.08 L$9.71 L$
citizen 119BrianaCove Resident14,66620009.08 L$9.71 L$
citizen 120MissStrawberryWhine Resident14,666already voted9.08 L$0.00 L$
citizen 121DanLeJoes Resident14,63020009.06 L$9.69 L$
citizen 122Knotty Twine14,50020008.98 L$9.60 L$
citizen 123adhuna95 Resident14,50020008.98 L$9.60 L$
citizen 124KnockKnockKnock Resident14,48020008.97 L$9.59 L$
citizen 125MEDHAV Resident14,48020008.97 L$9.59 L$
citizen 126TonyLuke42 Resident14,48020008.97 L$9.59 L$
citizen 127pksmud Susa14,116already voted8.74 L$0.00 L$
citizen 128zivaah Resident14,01120008.68 L$9.28 L$
citizen 129FullMetalUnicorn Resident13,938already voted8.63 L$0.00 L$
citizen 130Cramonsen Resident13,91520008.62 L$9.22 L$
citizen 131Tuvok Dingson13,89020008.6 L$9.20 L$
citizen 132oFemkeO Resident13,801already voted8.55 L$0.00 L$
citizen 133Tygrhs Resident13,78420008.54 L$9.13 L$
citizen 134KingdomCat32 Resident13,74620008.51 L$9.10 L$
citizen 135Frank1056 Resident13,693already voted8.48 L$0.00 L$
citizen 136BleuJJ Resident13,67920008.47 L$9.06 L$
citizen 137Darkzero69 Resident13,49620008.36 L$7.61 L$
citizen 138imnotreallyhere Resident13,44620708.33 L$8.91 L$
citizen 139Eden Waffle13,11420008.12 L$8.69 L$
citizen 140JRoth433 Resident13,11420008.12 L$8.69 L$
citizen 141VictoriaDior Resident13,04720008.08 L$8.64 L$
citizen 142Verena Scribe13,04220008.08 L$8.64 L$
citizen 1431DayIWill Resident13,042already voted8.08 L$0.00 L$
citizen 144SirBlood Resident13,010already voted8.06 L$0.00 L$
citizen 145Kitten Nova12,92320008 L$8.56 L$
citizen 146tommyhaha Resident12,82420007.94 L$8.49 L$
citizen 147DigitalUlip Resident12,79920007.93 L$8.48 L$
citizen 148TiffanyTD Resident12,75520007.9 L$8.45 L$
citizen 149Nellie Nemeth12,68020007.85 L$8.40 L$
citizen 150Spontaner49 Resident12,66620007.84 L$8.39 L$
citizen 151Vankai Resident12,66620007.84 L$8.39 L$
citizen 152HarryDP Resident12,640already voted7.83 L$0.00 L$
citizen 153joeey Bombastic12,515already voted7.75 L$6.96 L$
citizen 154shayla2010 Resident12,43920007.7 L$8.24 L$
citizen 155Recklis Resident12,401already voted7.68 L$0.00 L$
citizen 156Karemoli Beaumont12,262already voted7.59 L$6.80 L$
citizen 157ChristyCross Resident12,25020007.59 L$8.11 L$
citizen 158Sarilpom Resident12,04620007.46 L$7.98 L$
citizen 159TaraDayz Resident12,010already voted7.44 L$0.00 L$
citizen 160Rokugal Resident11,98320007.42 L$7.94 L$
citizen 161Anna Enchantment11,956already voted7.4 L$0.00 L$
citizen 162Joycelyn Ohmai11,869already voted7.35 L$6.54 L$
citizen 163Hadaway Broadway11,72320007.26 L$7.76 L$
citizen 164Tasos Gregan11,595already voted7.18 L$0.00 L$
citizen 165lstob Resident11,42220007.07 L$7.57 L$
citizen 166ExFasm Resident11,41420007.07 L$7.56 L$
citizen 167123zeena Resident11,24420006.96 L$7.45 L$
citizen 168Tanzanite Amethyst11,18620006.93 L$7.41 L$
citizen 169Ribodan Resident11,06020006.85 L$7.33 L$
citizen 170Priest Carnell10,99020006.81 L$7.28 L$
citizen 171Sherridon Mercury10,93320006.77 L$7.24 L$
citizen 172Vivian Klees10,913already voted6.76 L$0.00 L$
citizen 173Ethereal Cloud10,69120006.62 L$7.08 L$
citizen 174JacobHGL Resident10,68220006.62 L$7.07 L$
citizen 175Solklem66 Resident10,663already voted6.6 L$0.00 L$
citizen 176genghisbeer Resident10,65720006.6 L$7.06 L$
citizen 177RitaMartin Resident10,60120006.57 L$7.02 L$
citizen 178stanuderz Resident10,556already voted6.54 L$0.00 L$
citizen 179mrSprut Resident10,52820006.52 L$6.97 L$
citizen 180zarlicfisher Resident10,45320006.47 L$6.92 L$
citizen 181MinxieLou Resident10,40720006.45 L$6.89 L$
citizen 182Azkaria Resident9,99820006.19 L$6.62 L$
citizen 183Bagira888 Resident9,98446.18 L$5.29 L$
citizen 184Albertostrife Resident9,86920006.11 L$6.54 L$
citizen 185GaryCdok Resident9,86920006.11 L$6.54 L$
citizen 186MaxDick69 Resident9,82920006.09 L$6.51 L$
citizen 187kaigon Resident9,82220006.08 L$6.51 L$
citizen 188JustChoosey Resident9,655already voted5.98 L$0.00 L$
citizen 189pyrography Resident9,64320005.97 L$6.39 L$
citizen 190Amonfox Resident9,62220005.96 L$6.37 L$
citizen 191Dred1985 Resident9,61420005.95 L$6.37 L$
citizen 192LynAnnStar Resident9,54020005.91 L$6.32 L$
citizen 193PartyGirl Twine9,37220005.8 L$6.21 L$
citizen 194SoraiaRodrigues Resident9,36720005.8 L$6.20 L$
citizen 195Lapis Lykin9,36520005.8 L$6.20 L$
citizen 196Turhiya Resident9,36520005.8 L$6.20 L$
citizen 197Strive4Life Resident9,301already voted5.76 L$4.84 L$
citizen 198Reterik Resident9,19320005.69 L$6.09 L$
citizen 199RoseAndThorn82 Resident9,06220005.61 L$6.00 L$
citizen 2001truboss Resident8,96520005.55 L$5.94 L$
citizen 201DeeAB78 Resident8,96420005.55 L$5.94 L$
citizen 202nhengreyes Resident8,93520005.53 L$5.92 L$
citizen 203SugarMilkRin Resident8,92320005.53 L$5.91 L$
citizen 204Kaline Lycia8,846already voted5.48 L$0.00 L$
citizen 205saphiremyst8817 Resident8,65320005.36 L$5.73 L$
citizen 206slSunny Resident8,649already voted5.36 L$0.00 L$
citizen 207Susan Orlando8,503already voted5.27 L$4.31 L$
citizen 208gerrit Arad8,46720005.24 L$5.61 L$
citizen 209MissTrinaLee Resident8,41120005.21 L$5.57 L$
citizen 210Goodwrench Resident8,341already voted5.17 L$4.20 L$
citizen 211Lena Mercury7,99120004.95 L$5.29 L$
citizen 212Balldrick Resident7,75220004.8 L$5.13 L$
citizen 213Anayla Lunasea7,66920004.75 L$5.08 L$
citizen 214HaroldHeusen Resident7,64320004.73 L$5.06 L$
citizen 215SummerDreams0 Resident7,607already voted4.71 L$0.00 L$
citizen 216EustaceSeven Resident7,607already voted4.71 L$3.71 L$
citizen 217RiderInTheStorm Resident7,59420004.7 L$5.03 L$
citizen 218skulls87 Resident7,534already voted4.67 L$0.00 L$
citizen 219Dragonlord1269 Resident7,44020004.61 L$4.93 L$
citizen 220TronThelegacy Resident7,24720004.49 L$4.80 L$
citizen 221DiamondDazz Resident6,88320004.26 L$4.56 L$
citizen 222EthanVyer Resident6,50320004.03 L$4.31 L$
citizen 223John Gavilan6,42020003.98 L$4.25 L$
citizen 224Amelia Starlight6,33520003.92 L$4.20 L$
citizen 225SkydiverArt Resident6,230already voted3.86 L$0.00 L$
citizen 226Luther Nestler6,149already voted3.81 L$2.75 L$
citizen 227victor388 Resident5,76220003.57 L$3.82 L$
citizen 228Bellatrix Edwardstone5,60720003.47 L$3.71 L$
citizen 229Jeqoo Resident5,55120003.44 L$3.68 L$
citizen 230BibianaMaria Resident5,47220003.39 L$3.62 L$
citizen 2313EvaRosaline Resident5,12120003.17 L$3.39 L$
citizen 232ElenaWatersong Resident5,06320003.14 L$3.35 L$
citizen 233JumbaDeJux Resident5,04620003.13 L$3.34 L$
citizen 234IXDrifterXI Resident4,98320003.09 L$3.30 L$
citizen 235EJPaynter Resident4,70620002.91 L$3.12 L$
citizen 236Lynnetx Resident4,700already voted2.91 L$0.00 L$
citizen 237ProHuman Resident4,700already voted2.91 L$1.79 L$
citizen 238mellow1man Merryman4,57520002.83 L$3.03 L$
citizen 239Vladann95 Resident4,54920002.82 L$3.01 L$
citizen 240WEGladden Resident4,54120002.81 L$3.01 L$
citizen 241Fukuju Amaterasu4,50020002.79 L$2.98 L$
citizen 242Tesheta Resident4,41520002.73 L$2.92 L$
citizen 243priskab Resident4,17220002.58 L$2.76 L$
citizen 244anniemech Resident4,13620002.56 L$2.74 L$
citizen 245jadedgreenlight Resident4,12220002.55 L$2.73 L$
citizen 246JenniferA500 Resident4,11820002.55 L$2.73 L$
citizen 2472ensie Resident3,95120002.45 L$2.62 L$
citizen 248Clein50 Resident3,45320002.14 L$2.29 L$
citizen 249whyssi Resident3,43420002.13 L$2.27 L$
citizen 250Feralas Foxtrot3,30620002.05 L$2.19 L$
citizen 251KawaiiBambi Resident3,25520002.02 L$2.16 L$
citizen 252PaulHarryTerryLight Resident3,21920001.99 L$2.13 L$
citizen 253SkyeEchoAngel Resident3,13220001.94 L$2.07 L$
citizen 254AliciaStoneK18 Resident3,000already voted1.86 L$0.00 L$
citizen 255ArianneLH Resident2,94820001.83 L$1.95 L$
citizen 256Zero Dagostino2,93420001.82 L$1.94 L$
citizen 257Melchiahim Biedermann2,75620001.71 L$1.83 L$
citizen 258AlienLover2 Resident2,70020001.67 L$1.79 L$
citizen 259Lienangelo Resident2,70020001.67 L$1.79 L$
citizen 260xSouthernBabex Resident2,53420001.57 L$1.68 L$
citizen 261NamineMariaMay Resident2,51120001.56 L$1.66 L$
citizen 262dayz Short2,50720001.55 L$1.66 L$
citizen 263enya Footman2,50520001.55 L$1.66 L$
citizen 264Ember Amore2,41320001.49 L$1.60 L$
citizen 265Tor Bluewood2,38320001.48 L$1.58 L$
citizen 266Joylene Resident2,34420001.45 L$1.55 L$
citizen 267S1sixthsense Resident2,31320001.43 L$1.53 L$
citizen 268sarahelisebeth Brenham2,25620001.4 L$1.49 L$
citizen 269Ninaca Jun2,24820001.39 L$1.49 L$
citizen 270ThomasBoswell Resident2,18720001.35 L$1.45 L$
citizen 271bobbiedragonwolf Resident2,16420001.34 L$1.43 L$
citizen 272RahiniRatna Resident2,09820001.3 L$1.39 L$
citizen 2736milsy9 Resident2,00020001.24 L$1.32 L$
citizen 274Achori Resident1,95520001.21 L$1.29 L$
citizen 275MaiaBancroft Resident1,74620001.08 L$1.16 L$
citizen 276JenniLyons Resident1,71620001.06 L$1.14 L$
citizen 277TheGhostOfGhost Resident1,69120001.05 L$1.12 L$
citizen 278Cadessia Resident1,66420001.03 L$1.10 L$
citizen 279FurfurDhol Resident1,63920001.02 L$1.09 L$
citizen 280Rena Shieldmaiden1,58720000.98 L$1.05 L$
citizen 281binghamton Resident1,58420000.98 L$1.05 L$
citizen 282Uniquestrian Resident1,58420000.98 L$1.05 L$
citizen 283SweetKlitos Resident1,58420000.98 L$1.05 L$
citizen 284LethalLita Resident1,54720000.96 L$1.02 L$
citizen 285BrookEve Resident1,54420000.96 L$1.02 L$
citizen 286Doreen Viper1,54420000.96 L$1.02 L$
citizen 287TanyaCrash Resident1,52720000.95 L$1.01 L$
citizen 288TammiJoy Resident1,45020000.9 L$0.96 L$
citizen 289Nichol Adored1,29220000.8 L$0.86 L$
citizen 290SarahGrey1 Resident1,19520000.74 L$0.79 L$
citizen 291Rickhid Resident1,16320000.72 L$0.77 L$
citizen 292YjasmineSong Resident1,16320000.72 L$0.77 L$
citizen 293soulorcell Resident1,06720000.66 L$0.71 L$
citizen 294LeelooLilith Resident1,05520000.65 L$0.70 L$
citizen 295Emilie68 Resident1,05520000.65 L$0.70 L$
citizen 296lysa Lundquist1,04720000.65 L$0.69 L$
citizen 2972Blok Resident1,00320000.62 L$0.66 L$
citizen 298Belladonna Bunderfeld94220000.58 L$0.62 L$
citizen 299avrora18 Resident94220000.58 L$0.62 L$
citizen 300PfirsichMelba Resident90020000.56 L$0.60 L$
citizen 301blondemartine Ducrot90020000.56 L$0.60 L$
citizen 302alexiray Resident81020000.5 L$0.54 L$
citizen 303Angelosia Resident81020000.5 L$0.54 L$
citizen 304queninho Bergan81020000.5 L$0.54 L$
citizen 305SheilaDDulySweet Resident81020000.5 L$0.54 L$
citizen 306179350 Resident81020000.5 L$0.54 L$
citizen 307kathy Fizir81020000.5 L$0.54 L$
citizen 308Asianbaba Resident78320000.48 L$0.52 L$
citizen 309Kandie Foxclaw77320000.48 L$0.18 L$
citizen 310Victor Tuxing76320000.47 L$0.51 L$
citizen 311SofieBrave Resident72920000.45 L$0.48 L$
citizen 312MiramirariM Resident72920000.45 L$0.48 L$
citizen 313saintevalentine Ruby72920000.45 L$0.48 L$
citizen 314RiseUpEarthling Resident72920000.45 L$0.48 L$
citizen 315Stevie Mixmaster68720000.43 L$0.46 L$
citizen 316Grey Rosca65620000.41 L$0.43 L$
citizen 317Duriavenator Resident65620000.41 L$0.43 L$
citizen 318queenonthenile Resident65620000.41 L$0.43 L$
citizen 319Ulrich Nansen63020000.39 L$0.42 L$
citizen 320Cutyhera Resident62520000.39 L$0.41 L$
citizen 321Shimmering Skytower61820000.38 L$0.41 L$
citizen 322samathaquinn Resident61820000.38 L$0.41 L$
citizen 323lokiilox Resident61820000.38 L$0.41 L$
citizen 324coraliedubois Resident61820000.38 L$0.41 L$
citizen 325JorgeAlbertoVeliz Resident61820000.38 L$0.41 L$
citizen 326ilovemomos Resident61820000.38 L$0.41 L$
citizen 327xxquakexx resident60420000.37 L$0.40 L$
citizen 328Klarens08 Resident59820000.37 L$0.40 L$
citizen 329marasweet Resident59020000.37 L$0.39 L$
citizen 330ghosterlk Resident59020000.37 L$0.39 L$
citizen 331babe Toxx59020000.37 L$0.39 L$
citizen 332TammyJean54 Resident59020040.37 L$0.39 L$
citizen 333crazyBelka Resident59020000.37 L$0.39 L$
citizen 334masteryohn Acoustic59020000.37 L$0.39 L$
citizen 335Grinjr Resident56320000.35 L$0.37 L$
citizen 336Eileen Mornington56320000.35 L$0.37 L$
citizen 337wolfdayspring Resident54820000.34 L$0.36 L$
citizen 338sebastien202016 Resident53120000.33 L$0.35 L$
citizen 339IceNightdance Resident53120000.33 L$0.35 L$
citizen 340ohalondra Resident53120000.33 L$0.35 L$
citizen 341Lida05 Resident53120000.33 L$0.35 L$
citizen 342Elina Tigerauge50020000.31 L$0.33 L$
citizen 343candycain1128 Resident47820000.3 L$0.32 L$
citizen 344Fingers Lectar47820000.3 L$0.32 L$
citizen 345MaryLovys Resident47820000.3 L$0.32 L$
citizen 346Darkheart Heartsdale43020000.27 L$0.28 L$
citizen 347nausikaa Hannu43020000.27 L$0.28 L$
citizen 348nisambitna Resident43020000.27 L$0.28 L$
citizen 349nath49alie Resident38720000.24 L$0.26 L$
citizen 350Catriona Reinard38720000.24 L$0.26 L$
citizen 351Raspber Resident34820000.22 L$0.23 L$
citizen 352DarkLady699 Resident34820000.22 L$0.23 L$
citizen 353Belerophon Resident34820000.22 L$0.23 L$
citizen 354Peaches2U Camino34820000.22 L$0.23 L$
citizen 355R9Devyatka Resident31320000.19 L$0.21 L$
citizen 356Peaches Alderbury31320000.19 L$0.21 L$
citizen 357Sceptre2564 Resident28220000.17 L$0.19 L$
citizen 358Lyric Tapia28220000.17 L$0.19 L$
citizen 359EmberNightsong Resident28220000.17 L$0.19 L$
citizen 360Megie Aquila28220000.17 L$0.19 L$
citizen 361SilverMoon1022 Resident27120000.17 L$0.18 L$
citizen 362gallishia Resident25420000.16 L$0.17 L$
citizen 363ArtisanCrafter Resident25420400.16 L$0.17 L$
citizen 364CherriBlossoms Resident25420000.16 L$0.17 L$
citizen 365Paynter Francis22920000.14 L$0.15 L$
citizen 366SelenaTrinity Resident22920000.14 L$0.15 L$
citizen 367Princezz Baxton22920000.14 L$0.15 L$
citizen 368Kris Carnell22920000.14 L$0.15 L$
citizen 369410Maine Resident22920000.14 L$0.15 L$
citizen 370Veronika Nyn20620000.13 L$0.14 L$
citizen 371jebbers12 Resident20620000.13 L$0.14 L$
citizen 372NeveAllisonAngel Resident20620000.13 L$0.14 L$
citizen 373Rave Wytchwood20620000.13 L$0.14 L$
citizen 374MerllinCurle Resident18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 375Lucindae Resident18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 376Vila19 Resident18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 377SirJohnLuc Resident18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 378Irakllia Alecto18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 379Hero Roelofs18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 380traneguy1968 Resident18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 381NoeLkries Resident18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 382Kalenna Krupinski18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 383Sakura Gellner18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 384GiselleCrusher Resident18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 385Levis Auebauch18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 3868Fiera8 Resident18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 387SmokieGinger Resident18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 388Quinconge Resident18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 389Elie Yalin18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 390DeDe Leimes18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 391Nassergamez Resident18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 392Kool Torok18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 393Yves Kronfeld18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 394ladymickey Camino18520000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 395DaphineDuMoir Resident16720000.1 L$0.11 L$
citizen 396AramintaLeRouge Resident16720000.1 L$0.11 L$
citizen 397ai Mayr16720000.1 L$0.11 L$
citizen 398TerryDavidd Resident15020000.09 L$0.10 L$
citizen 399Krista Jestyr15020000.09 L$0.10 L$
citizen 400treto Priestly15020000.09 L$0.10 L$
citizen 401Miranda Freenote15020000.09 L$0.10 L$
citizen 402Brietje Munro15020000.09 L$0.10 L$
citizen 403thesoundofonemanlaughing Resident15020000.09 L$0.10 L$
citizen 404steveford16512820000.08 L$0.08 L$
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