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The Society

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Get a share of L$ reward pot every week! The more Gold Points you have bigger the L$ you get!

Earn Gold Points (GP):
1) By voting for a person who you think has supported the growth and wellbeing of Cyber Kingdom RPG & LGH Community the most in last week. When you vote for someone you both gain Gold Points.
2) Work the different jobs in the society.

To register for voting pay 900 GOLD by clicking a yellow registratration button.
Currently you can IM one of our MOD to receive 1000 GOLD for registration (and keep the 100 GOLD)

After registering just click on your candidate and vote: cyber kingdom voteboard
There are 3 ways to vote:
- With weekly free votes. Every registered voter gets this weekly to vote with (when you vote you also gain GP (gold points) for yourself)
- With your own GOLD. You can also turn your GOLD into GP (gold points) through your own vote board by voting for yourself (this uses your gold). - You can sue your free weekly votes, gold points or gold to tip other players through the Heart Of Society (shoulder pet)

There are 3 ways to get GOLD:
- From Gold Hunt game (get gold when hunting for coins wearing an Ice Shubbie shoulder Pet).
- From Snuffles game (you get gold every time you release a Snuffle pet that you have extra or don't need. The more rare pet is the more gold it gives).
- Buy Gold from the Gold Vendor. This adds commission from your paymetn in L$ to the Cyber Kingdom Treasury which means more L$ rewards for all the role players.

Every Sunday L$ are distributed to everyone with GP (gold points) according to the amount you have. More GP you have the bigger the share of L$ reward you collect.

The elites of the Society

(How it works)

The PLAYER with biggest amount of GP (gold points) has the highest status, fame and responsibilites of a cyber society QUEEN/KING next 5 people with most GP (gold points) have a status of nobility (Barons/Baronesses) with power of VETO. Nobility with VETO power are part of a Royal Senate. They decide on what amounts of L$ from the Cyber Kingdom Treasury are spent weekly for Royal Competitions (Gold & Fish Hunt) and how much L$ are shared among all the Cyber Kingdom Role Players who work for GP (gold points) or are voted by for other players.

Treasury is filled with a specific amount of commissions from worms and crafting material sales in all LGH games.

Landowners who are registered cyber kingdom voters are automatically rewarded g-votes when they fill Fish Hunt and Gold Hunt Coins.

The funds from Cyber Kingdom Treasury are always recycled and used in proportions decided by the Royal Senate (Barons & Baronesses with King or Queen) back to players and for growth of Cyber Kingdom Role playing & LGH community.

****Every week there is 10% decay of gold points. This means everyone loses 10% of their total GP (gold points). This is by design and ensures that always most active players who add the most value to the community are rewarded the most.


Weekly Reward Pot shared to all with GP (gold points): 5000.00/5000.00 L$ (weekly amount is decided by the Royal Senate)
Remaining time to voters reward payout: 3 days, 4 hours, 15 minutes and 13 seconds

Join the weekly Society Contest to earn even more L$ as you earn GP (gold points)!
PLACE Candidate Gold Points Weekly votes Expected Reward Reward
QUEEN/KINGBrietje Munro1,423,841already voted178.18 L$0.00 L$
Baron-ess 11,334,1933865166.96 L$0.00 L$
Baron-ess 21,304,178350163.2 L$0.00 L$
Baron-ess 3952,2545119.16 L$0.00 L$
Baron-ess 4806,921already voted100.98 L$0.00 L$
Baron-ess 5804,003810100.61 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 6queensatrasil Resident732,176already voted91.62 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 7ElisabethSmiths Resident697,604already voted87.3 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 8GregT Frimon640,319already voted80.13 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 9KamaComplex Resident591,574254874.03 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 10Artimisbleu Resident566,860already voted70.94 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 11Wili Clip557,725457569.79 L$71.87 L$
Lord/Lady 12Brook Demonia506,7063563.41 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 13Sue Tryce480,676already voted60.15 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 14ocrowe Resident464,534already voted58.13 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 15Spinmaster Voom455,868already voted57.05 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 16Saraliz Ravenhurst417,209100052.21 L$56.85 L$
Lord/Lady 17Prate Burner392,398already voted49.1 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 18bearofboogie Resident387,73840048.52 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 19loverlyloves Resident386,421already voted48.36 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 20narelle Hennah351,557already voted43.99 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 21IrisLeona Resident345,9228043.29 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 22CloeConcy Resident345,71020043.26 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 23Sophina Starchild331,357already voted41.47 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 24Guyot Habana319,284539.95 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 25Freedom981 Resident309,715already voted38.76 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 26Kasabian Constantine305,4148038.22 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 27BrendaLee Fredriksson301,96580237.79 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 28sheila64 Resident290,431already voted36.34 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 29particlespectre Resident288,578already voted36.11 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 30Tye Hoax283,469already voted35.47 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 31Cinnamon Lohner280,840already voted35.14 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 32Nellie Nemeth277,783100034.76 L$37.85 L$
Lord/Lady 33Bogatyeishii Resident269,4142533.71 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 34Gina Warziders260,844already voted32.64 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 35AL121981 Resident257,01626532.16 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 36Thunderchild Allen257,002215032.16 L$33.36 L$
Lord/Lady 37VivaCiousAnGeL Resident252,185100031.56 L$34.32 L$
Lord/Lady 38Norbe Parx250,390already voted31.33 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 39IXISTARXIXI Resident247,508278030.97 L$33.17 L$
Lord/Lady 40VizierPaimon Resident238,640100029.86 L$32.37 L$
Lord/Lady 41priskab Resident238,17468429.8 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 42QueenBVendetta Resident236,845100029.64 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 43Eden Waffle232,894already voted29.14 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 44TildaDobson Resident226,57510728.35 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 45CutiePie4Play Starlight216,401already voted27.08 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 46DeepPurplePeopleEater Resident208,993already voted26.15 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 47Qwibble Resident208,380already voted26.08 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 48Cassie75 Resident200,406already voted25.08 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 49synee014 Resident194,4601524.33 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 50Strong Galaxy190,948132023.89 L$25.06 L$
Lord/Lady 51gerrit Arad189,980already voted23.77 L$23.44 L$
Lord/Lady 52XxNIBBYxX Resident189,59730023.73 L$25.42 L$
Lord/Lady 53smirkingdevil Resident182,820already voted22.88 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 54Zen Swords179,708550022.49 L$22.63 L$
Lord/Lady 55Cirus Cuddles174,987already voted21.9 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 56sharronxx Resident166,288already voted20.81 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 57Vittfarne Uggla157,306already voted19.68 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 58marymagdalene7 Resident156,995already voted19.65 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 59JazzFire Resident156,63914819.6 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 60Ronja Planer151,423already voted18.95 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 61Claudia Dereham150,031already voted18.77 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 62Thundernick Turbo149,726already voted18.74 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 63B2 Short149,353200018.69 L$18.85 L$
Lord/Lady 64HestiaMiaXenia Resident146,877already voted18.38 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 65joeey Bombastic145,904already voted18.26 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 66AlaricEvo Resident144,820already voted18.12 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 67devilicioussa Resident140,539already voted17.59 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 68Travisthe1 Resident138,821100017.37 L$18.92 L$
Lord/Lady 69Adram Blackwood135,167100016.91 L$18.42 L$
Lord/Lady 70Bohny Spad134,683already voted16.85 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 71DeeAB78 Resident132,772already voted16.61 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 72mark80 Bracula132,396already voted16.57 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 73Onekindofstory Resident132,356already voted16.56 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 74Dida Skytower131,015already voted16.39 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 75Caden Warden130,711already voted16.36 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 76DanteGabriel Resident129,544already voted16.21 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 77Sloane Starchild121,640already voted15.22 L$16.11 L$
Lord/Lady 78MajikVixen Lorefield120,313already voted15.06 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 79CrayDiver Resident119,66463214.97 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 80HungarianNaturalHealer Resident118,029already voted14.77 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 81morgana Ishelwood117,827100014.74 L$16.06 L$
Lord/Lady 82CrimBaby777 Resident115,533already voted14.46 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 83Mocca Viper114,17320014.29 L$14.95 L$
Lord/Lady 84Alva Swansen109,958already voted13.76 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 85Kaline Lycia108,882already voted13.63 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 86Kaitlin Rayna108,751already voted13.61 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 87Pixie Dover107,212already voted13.42 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 88Dea Starlight106,813306013.37 L$14.53 L$
Lord/Lady 89Gusia Seetan106,207159413.29 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 90katherineblacke Resident104,751already voted13.11 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 91Paige Cybertar103,018189512.89 L$13.71 L$
Lord/Lady 92Nelonis Resident102,511already voted12.83 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 93ShiroYanagi Yoshikawa100,896already voted12.63 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 94Debtee Resident100,017already voted12.52 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 95WickedAndWild Resident99,5918212.46 L$0.00 L$
Lord/Lady 96AnnaMeer Resident98,374already voted12.31 L$0.00 L$
citizen 97Parsnip Latzo98,273already voted12.3 L$0.00 L$
citizen 98Shortypwns Resident98,264already voted12.3 L$0.00 L$
citizen 99aenie Resident97,434already voted12.19 L$0.00 L$
citizen 100hater Aie97,009already voted12.14 L$0.00 L$
citizen 101DavidRobert Jonson95,741already voted11.98 L$0.00 L$
citizen 102Fukuju Amaterasu95,687already voted11.97 L$12.79 L$
citizen 103RoxxiLeah Resident92,866already voted11.62 L$0.00 L$
citizen 104VictoriaDior Resident91,433already voted11.44 L$12.32 L$
citizen 105RickDeckard27 Resident91,25020511.42 L$0.00 L$
citizen 106Lucky168 Resident90,703100011.35 L$12.36 L$
citizen 107alabama777 Resident90,692100011.35 L$12.09 L$
citizen 108Cann Fingerpin90,614already voted11.34 L$0.00 L$
citizen 109Elina Tigerauge90,065911.27 L$0.00 L$
citizen 110Thor Vespucciano88,530already voted11.08 L$0.00 L$
citizen 111asunda1 Resident87,32410210.93 L$0.00 L$
citizen 112Lindxs Resident86,522already voted10.83 L$0.00 L$
citizen 113StrawberryWhine Resident85,593100010.71 L$9.19 L$
citizen 114amanda2710 Dumpling85,23415610.67 L$0.00 L$
citizen 115Misty788 Resident83,838already voted10.49 L$0.00 L$
citizen 116VlasProfil Resident82,596already voted10.34 L$0.00 L$
citizen 117Bagira888 Resident81,753115010.23 L$10.66 L$
citizen 118Roni Markstein80,718100010.1 L$10.86 L$
citizen 119Tasos Gregan80,047already voted10.02 L$0.00 L$
citizen 120DiamondDazz Resident78,1245009.78 L$0.00 L$
citizen 121Yves Kronfeld76,69410009.6 L$10.37 L$
citizen 122BGvanHolland Resident76,2481009.54 L$0.00 L$
citizen 123Athadu Resident75,892already voted9.5 L$0.00 L$
citizen 124Recklis Resident75,779already voted9.48 L$0.00 L$
citizen 125Hope Zhong74,8791729.37 L$0.00 L$
citizen 126Knotty Twine74,844already voted9.37 L$0.00 L$
citizen 127Robotshaz Resident74,28110009.3 L$10.12 L$
citizen 128Anaconda Carter74,075already voted9.27 L$0.00 L$
citizen 129Mystique Desire73,920already voted9.25 L$0.00 L$
citizen 130Sandflea Lorefield72,46010009.07 L$9.87 L$
citizen 131Kathryn Granville72,324589.05 L$0.00 L$
citizen 132kerrygan Resident71,8746268.99 L$0.00 L$
citizen 133MartinLehmann Resident71,2665148.92 L$0.00 L$
citizen 134Spontaner49 Resident70,819already voted8.86 L$0.00 L$
citizen 135mellow1man Merryman70,2371388.79 L$0.00 L$
citizen 136HarryDP Resident69,975already voted8.76 L$0.00 L$
citizen 137Rockoutwithyourcokout Resident69,11710008.65 L$9.42 L$
citizen 138Karemoli Beaumont68,884already voted8.62 L$0.00 L$
citizen 139Nina2007 Beck67,967already voted8.51 L$0.00 L$
citizen 140Keumjoo Ahn67,135already voted8.4 L$0.00 L$
citizen 141justness1265 Resident66,751already voted8.35 L$0.00 L$
citizen 142Reterik Resident65,354already voted8.18 L$0.00 L$
citizen 143Reddevilson Resident63,44910007.94 L$8.65 L$
citizen 144Strange Release62,262already voted7.79 L$0.00 L$
citizen 145Tzooki Resident61,752327.73 L$0.00 L$
citizen 146Elie Yalin60,779already voted7.61 L$7.23 L$
citizen 147yeasin2018 Resident58,01810007.26 L$7.77 L$
citizen 148angellisa Chun57,335already voted7.17 L$0.00 L$
citizen 149Grace Itano56,915already voted7.12 L$0.00 L$
citizen 150lilike1981 Resident56,094already voted7.02 L$0.00 L$
citizen 151pedroesloco Resident55,37710006.93 L$7.46 L$
citizen 152Balldrick Resident55,366already voted6.93 L$0.00 L$
citizen 153JustNStore Resident54,21411396.78 L$7.25 L$
citizen 154ptimex Resident53,561already voted6.7 L$0.00 L$
citizen 155Anna Rizzo53,3401526.67 L$0.00 L$
citizen 156Kim8berly Resident51,997already voted6.51 L$6.75 L$
citizen 157GaryCdok Resident51,876already voted6.49 L$0.00 L$
citizen 158jbc71 Resident51,10610006.4 L$6.03 L$
citizen 159Lillyaau Resident50,77410006.35 L$6.49 L$
citizen 160Sunny Cloud50,08813506.27 L$6.83 L$
citizen 161Eden1x Resident49,87510006.24 L$6.63 L$
citizen 162CeleneHighwater Resident49,576already voted6.2 L$5.52 L$
citizen 163SirThomasBonnechance Resident49,558already voted6.2 L$0.00 L$
citizen 164demonia Rae48,95610006.13 L$6.67 L$
citizen 165soulorcell Resident48,9535006.13 L$6.07 L$
citizen 166Revan007 Resident48,15510006.03 L$6.55 L$
citizen 167MaximumPowerBr Resident48,123already voted6.02 L$0.00 L$
citizen 168imnotreallyhere Resident48,06610006.01 L$6.52 L$
citizen 169zaakio Resident46,78410005.85 L$6.14 L$
citizen 170Paige Ravenhurst46,08210005.77 L$6.28 L$
citizen 171Maribella Arabello45,833already voted5.74 L$5.57 L$
citizen 172Latexhexer Resident45,41010005.68 L$6.19 L$
citizen 173Vizigoth Resident44,28810005.54 L$6.03 L$
citizen 174KawaiiBambi Resident44,194already voted5.53 L$0.00 L$
citizen 175SimiRusso Resident43,632already voted5.46 L$0.00 L$
citizen 176Butterf1y1234 Resident43,467already voted5.44 L$5.51 L$
citizen 177digitalpplus Resident43,30510005.42 L$5.90 L$
citizen 178jayphils Resident42,08310005.27 L$5.73 L$
citizen 179valentine1718 Resident41,973already voted5.25 L$0.00 L$
citizen 180RachelS Ravenhurst41,325already voted5.17 L$0.00 L$
citizen 181Equestrian85 Resident41,320already voted5.17 L$0.00 L$
citizen 182luanamae Heartsong40,90010005.12 L$5.57 L$
citizen 183Pari Neox40,678already voted5.09 L$0.00 L$
citizen 184karenbrooks Resident40,66710005.09 L$5.54 L$
citizen 185kainwolfenstien Resident40,59510005.08 L$5.53 L$
citizen 186Vynk Boccaccio40,074already voted5.01 L$5.12 L$
citizen 187Varro Ravenhurst39,98310005 L$5.45 L$
citizen 188JustChoosey Resident39,37110004.93 L$5.28 L$
citizen 189Mariyah Arabello39,0222004.88 L$5.08 L$
citizen 190al Jeansia38,802already voted4.86 L$0.00 L$
citizen 191awsomeaussie Resident38,42310004.81 L$5.24 L$
citizen 192Corby Rasmuson38,41810004.81 L$5.08 L$
citizen 193MEDHAV Resident38,224already voted4.78 L$0.00 L$
citizen 194Danerator Resident38,05214004.76 L$5.14 L$
citizen 195testboizzz Resident37,887already voted4.74 L$0.00 L$
citizen 196LadyBlackDiamond2013 Resident37,57310004.7 L$5.12 L$
citizen 197vicuscicus Resident37,26710004.66 L$5.08 L$
citizen 198pksmud Susa37,05310004.64 L$5.05 L$
citizen 199SydneyMariner Resident36,48110004.57 L$4.97 L$
citizen 200genghisbeer Resident36,46510004.56 L$4.77 L$
citizen 201Peter01 Nagy36,308already voted4.54 L$0.00 L$
citizen 202Priest Carnell36,08210004.52 L$4.54 L$
citizen 203RedFeverWolf Resident35,92210134.5 L$4.62 L$
citizen 204LordSuccubus Resident35,838already voted4.48 L$0.00 L$
citizen 205AramintaLeRouge Resident35,811already voted4.48 L$0.00 L$
citizen 206nisambitna Resident35,662already voted4.46 L$0.00 L$
citizen 207Enchante Resident35,480already voted4.44 L$0.00 L$
citizen 208Leinha56 Resident35,309already voted4.42 L$0.00 L$
citizen 209Daisy Starchild35,15010004.4 L$4.79 L$
citizen 210Sky Buccaneer34,95210004.37 L$4.76 L$
citizen 211x902xXipher Resident34,743already voted4.35 L$3.47 L$
citizen 212Frank1056 Resident34,737704.35 L$0.00 L$
citizen 213mirolana Resident33,869already voted4.24 L$4.44 L$
citizen 214RomainChelien Resident33,68410004.22 L$4.59 L$
citizen 215ItsJust Wise33,37610004.18 L$4.55 L$
citizen 216RAYYWOLF Resident32,933414.12 L$4.07 L$
citizen 217nezhnajan Resident32,763already voted4.1 L$0.00 L$
citizen 218galaxie59 Resident32,527already voted4.07 L$0.00 L$
citizen 219OliviaMcLovin Resident32,261already voted4.04 L$0.00 L$
citizen 220CaptX Resident32,188already voted4.03 L$0.00 L$
citizen 221PaulyQ Resident31,994504 L$4.13 L$
citizen 222unefilledusoleil Resident31,6942683.97 L$0.00 L$
citizen 223Andreas Coleslaw31,677already voted3.96 L$0.00 L$
citizen 224Mousey288 Resident31,511already voted3.94 L$0.00 L$
citizen 225Solklem66 Resident31,320already voted3.92 L$0.00 L$
citizen 226NerriMariner Resident31,30710003.92 L$4.27 L$
citizen 227immiaz Resident31,099already voted3.89 L$0.00 L$
citizen 228ChubbyAquaman Resident30,468283.81 L$0.00 L$
citizen 229Perchitaydonramon Resident30,04911003.76 L$3.73 L$
citizen 230DiE4u3333 Mysterious29,90710003.74 L$2.61 L$
citizen 231slSunny Resident29,338already voted3.67 L$0.00 L$
citizen 232JordanAxl Resident28,783already voted3.6 L$0.00 L$
citizen 233Cramonsen Resident28,606already voted3.58 L$0.00 L$
citizen 234Shelarl Resident28,552already voted3.57 L$0.00 L$
citizen 235CelticBlaze Resident28,50910003.57 L$3.41 L$
citizen 236Anabelle Kuhn28,329already voted3.55 L$0.00 L$
citizen 237ElenaWatersong Resident28,294already voted3.54 L$0.00 L$
citizen 238JeReM Hoover28,28410003.54 L$3.85 L$
citizen 239Tricardi Resident28,14110003.52 L$3.83 L$
citizen 240Herb Dailey27,613already voted3.46 L$0.00 L$
citizen 241SirJohnLuc Resident27,209already voted3.4 L$0.00 L$
citizen 242BS4M Resident27,13610003.4 L$3.70 L$
citizen 243Sarilpom Resident26,960already voted3.37 L$0.00 L$
citizen 244Thomas3189 Resident26,89610003.37 L$3.67 L$
citizen 245amyrrr22 Resident26,69313383.34 L$3.44 L$
citizen 246KolMachado Resident26,552already voted3.32 L$0.00 L$
citizen 247Poetic Enchantment26,235already voted3.28 L$0.00 L$
citizen 248DieKindlicheKaiserin Resident25,97010003.25 L$3.54 L$
citizen 249EustaceSeven Resident25,839already voted3.23 L$0.00 L$
citizen 250TonyLuke42 Resident25,657already voted3.21 L$0.00 L$
citizen 251Baby Visage25,56010003.2 L$3.48 L$
citizen 252Sunlight Lisle25,559already voted3.2 L$0.00 L$
citizen 253yvainelux Resident25,32910143.17 L$3.45 L$
citizen 254Vankai Resident25,29510003.17 L$3.45 L$
citizen 255DigitalUlip Resident25,24910003.16 L$3.44 L$
citizen 256Neexa Resident25,246already voted3.16 L$3.30 L$
citizen 257BrianaCove Resident25,19710003.15 L$3.43 L$
citizen 258DanLeJoes Resident25,19610003.15 L$3.43 L$
citizen 259BitterSweet Ophelia25,18810003.15 L$3.30 L$
citizen 260ExFasm Resident25,17010003.15 L$3.43 L$
citizen 261Chris Rowley24,88910003.11 L$3.39 L$
citizen 262RoffleLa Mayo24,786already voted3.1 L$0.00 L$
citizen 263Sweetpea Braveheart24,73710003.1 L$3.11 L$
citizen 264Suri Cassady24,592already voted3.08 L$0.00 L$
citizen 265UlaFaery Resident24,46710003.06 L$3.33 L$
citizen 266LynAnnStar Resident24,336already voted3.05 L$3.18 L$
citizen 267HumanSafe Resident24,295already voted3.04 L$0.00 L$
citizen 268mariosucces Resident24,273already voted3.04 L$3.04 L$
citizen 269Oqaab Resident24,21210003.03 L$3.30 L$
citizen 270DutchBlueDragon Resident24,206already voted3.03 L$0.00 L$
citizen 271EJPaynter Resident24,04210003.01 L$3.28 L$
citizen 272yywyy Resident24,027already voted3.01 L$0.00 L$
citizen 273Sunreet Resident23,794already voted2.98 L$0.00 L$
citizen 274FullMetalUnicorn Resident23,72410002.97 L$3.23 L$
citizen 275RiderInTheStorm Resident23,693already voted2.96 L$2.92 L$
citizen 276mel01lys Resident23,632already voted2.96 L$0.00 L$
citizen 277HaileyHay Resident23,625already voted2.96 L$2.51 L$
citizen 278AntiSandy Resident23,57310002.95 L$3.21 L$
citizen 279evelynblossom Resident23,57210002.95 L$3.08 L$
citizen 280Lucindae Resident23,47410002.94 L$3.06 L$
citizen 281rebellious2012 Resident23,29313202.91 L$3.17 L$
citizen 282Candy1 Tigerpaw23,05810002.89 L$2.38 L$
citizen 283Irbis Snowpaw22,418already voted2.81 L$0.00 L$
citizen 284TarynNaomi Resident22,061already voted2.76 L$0.00 L$
citizen 285StarlinRae Resident21,73010002.72 L$2.82 L$
citizen 286InterstellarStarcruiser Resident21,721already voted2.72 L$2.82 L$
citizen 287TronThelegacy Resident21,52410002.69 L$2.93 L$
citizen 288nicopolo59 Resident21,45710002.69 L$2.92 L$
citizen 289Spring Eiren21,353already voted2.67 L$0.00 L$
citizen 290Albertostrife Resident21,233already voted2.66 L$0.00 L$
citizen 291Rokugal Resident21,21210002.65 L$2.89 L$
citizen 292Wunderful Resident21,205already voted2.65 L$0.00 L$
citizen 293Geekynerdygirl Resident20,919already voted2.62 L$0.00 L$
citizen 294LVXE Resident20,64210002.58 L$2.81 L$
citizen 295MadyHades Resident20,53910002.57 L$2.80 L$
citizen 296SkydiverArt Resident20,516already voted2.57 L$0.00 L$
citizen 297TheDreaming Button20,50710002.57 L$2.64 L$
citizen 298Mitzie Shippe20,21210002.53 L$2.75 L$
citizen 299mizterbonezzmusic Resident20,19810002.53 L$2.75 L$
citizen 300Crazyfox Vaher20,113already voted2.52 L$0.00 L$
citizen 301Lena Mercury20,04110002.51 L$2.73 L$
citizen 302Simulatedpixledust Resident19,96710002.5 L$2.60 L$
citizen 303Emma2000J Resident19,90310002.49 L$2.71 L$
citizen 304AnastasyjaLorna Resident19,79310002.48 L$2.70 L$
citizen 305Hadaway Broadway19,59710002.45 L$2.67 L$
citizen 306Rainbow Zulaman19,17710002.4 L$2.61 L$
citizen 307AmaliaHorney Resident19,05510002.38 L$2.60 L$
citizen 308KVAKI Resident18,81313542.35 L$2.04 L$
citizen 309Bernardoo Bernard18,78314502.35 L$2.40 L$
citizen 310speritofthesnow66 Resident18,53710002.32 L$2.53 L$
citizen 311AliceSilverlight Resident18,256already voted2.28 L$0.00 L$
citizen 312adhuna95 Resident18,15110002.27 L$2.47 L$
citizen 313Coll Blaylock17,91210002.24 L$2.44 L$
citizen 314AkashaCoyote Resident17,781already voted2.23 L$0.00 L$
citizen 315R6D3 Resident17,78110002.23 L$2.42 L$
citizen 316Vila19 Resident17,600already voted2.2 L$0.00 L$
citizen 317SamyraDakota Resident17,52411502.19 L$2.12 L$
citizen 318NiweOfWind Resident17,441already voted2.18 L$0.00 L$
citizen 319Zareth Lycia17,351already voted2.17 L$2.20 L$
citizen 320Kerhop Seattle17,31310822.17 L$1.78 L$
citizen 321LightningTH1 Resident17,12210002.14 L$2.27 L$
citizen 322PatriciaKelley Resident17,06010002.13 L$2.32 L$
citizen 323Cheryl7Sage Resident17,05810002.13 L$2.32 L$
citizen 324babe Toxx17,02810002.13 L$2.30 L$
citizen 325Sheringa Resident16,72910002.09 L$2.28 L$
citizen 326Georgs64 Resident16,6593002.08 L$1.85 L$
citizen 327ZiggyZagged Resident16,332already voted2.04 L$1.93 L$
citizen 328PaulinaKooy Resident16,26710002.04 L$2.22 L$
citizen 329123zeena Resident16,227already voted2.03 L$0.00 L$
citizen 330Tuvok Dingson16,17210002.02 L$2.10 L$
citizen 331fabry Sparta16,01312252 L$2.18 L$
citizen 332Roomeoo Resident15,94810002 L$2.04 L$
citizen 333Loic Chaffe15,87410001.99 L$2.16 L$
citizen 334Tenderheartglow Resident15,86810001.99 L$2.16 L$
citizen 335Azurettes Resident15,423already voted1.93 L$0.00 L$
citizen 336JRoth433 Resident15,38610001.93 L$2.10 L$
citizen 337Likoer Bailey15,18510001.9 L$2.07 L$
citizen 338ocecial Resident15,16610001.9 L$2.07 L$
citizen 339Cutyhera Resident15,11610001.89 L$2.06 L$
citizen 340TrinietyX Resident15,0287001.88 L$1.99 L$
citizen 341hubert58 Resident15,00110981.88 L$1.84 L$
citizen 342BleuJJ Resident14,8514001.86 L$1.91 L$
citizen 343Tygrhs Resident14,58910001.83 L$1.99 L$
citizen 344LiontheBeave Resident14,44510001.81 L$1.86 L$
citizen 345Star Morgath14,38414001.8 L$1.92 L$
citizen 346donna Redrose14,2889001.79 L$1.89 L$
citizen 347aloneDrifter Resident14,12510001.77 L$1.92 L$
citizen 348Halo Mighty14,06610001.76 L$1.92 L$
citizen 349brokenpoodle Resident14,02910001.76 L$1.91 L$
citizen 350TheOtherHuman Dreadlow13,999already voted1.75 L$1.92 L$
citizen 351Alala Jewell13,99410001.75 L$0.56 L$
citizen 352Ursula99x Resident13,9109001.74 L$1.60 L$
citizen 353Tusovchik Resident13,57611141.7 L$1.83 L$
citizen 354skulls87 Resident13,472already voted1.69 L$0.00 L$
citizen 355DieKindlicheKaiserin Resident13,30610001.67 L$1.81 L$
citizen 356ai Mayr13,24810001.66 L$1.81 L$
citizen 357Kumiko Hema13,229already voted1.66 L$0.64 L$
citizen 358samule44 Resident13,18310001.65 L$1.80 L$
citizen 359Turhiya Resident13,01910001.63 L$1.77 L$
citizen 360EV1LEYE666 Resident12,9247001.62 L$1.65 L$
citizen 361Tasha Taurus12,92310001.62 L$1.71 L$
citizen 362RoseAndThorn82 Resident12,87810001.61 L$1.74 L$
citizen 363wolfisme Caiben12,86610001.61 L$1.75 L$
citizen 364Ryhios Resident12,83010001.61 L$1.75 L$
citizen 365MystiqueAngel666 Resident12,82110001.6 L$1.53 L$
citizen 366xZeidaNx Resident12,789already voted1.6 L$1.29 L$
citizen 367DieChaotin Resident12,77910001.6 L$1.67 L$
citizen 368Annalisa Bellic12,693already voted1.59 L$1.47 L$
citizen 369HarleyB13 Resident12,63610001.58 L$1.72 L$
citizen 370Federica Yoshikawa12,377already voted1.55 L$0.00 L$
citizen 371StillaSunsetNoir Resident12,2111001.53 L$1.24 L$
citizen 372Especiallly Clip12,16010001.52 L$1.58 L$
citizen 373Rainer2202 Resident12,01210001.5 L$1.64 L$
citizen 374Dred1985 Resident12,00110001.5 L$1.61 L$
citizen 375corebore Resident11,98110001.5 L$1.26 L$
citizen 376Gabriella8159 Resident11,80010001.48 L$1.61 L$
citizen 377Qu33nToni Resident11,79510001.48 L$1.61 L$
citizen 378Pelvis666 Resident11,67810001.46 L$1.59 L$
citizen 379Joylene Resident11,64510001.46 L$1.58 L$
citizen 380Dinna Bailey11,606already voted1.45 L$0.00 L$
citizen 381Yatoula Jewell11,400already voted1.43 L$1.34 L$
citizen 382SirRedLights Resident11,30510001.41 L$1.54 L$
citizen 383Moonie Sass11,22510001.4 L$1.53 L$
citizen 384Maliora Resident11,14910001.4 L$1.52 L$
citizen 385Chairman Kingmaker11,06710001.38 L$1.51 L$
citizen 386Amonfox Resident11,03010001.38 L$1.50 L$
citizen 387k4riok4 Resident10,80810001.35 L$1.47 L$
citizen 388Mia1Pixie Resident10,600already voted1.33 L$0.00 L$
citizen 389Bunny Pancake10,54310001.32 L$1.44 L$
citizen 390GaeMalaparte Resident10,32710001.29 L$1.41 L$
citizen 391Yasmin Rae10,26010001.28 L$1.40 L$
citizen 392Brooklyn Diplomat10,100already voted1.26 L$0.00 L$
citizen 393OffWhiteMage Resident10,08910001.26 L$1.37 L$
citizen 394IXDrifterXI Resident10,00410001.25 L$1.36 L$
citizen 395WildCherry Camino9,776already voted1.22 L$0.91 L$
citizen 396TaftWolf Resident9,68710001.21 L$1.32 L$
citizen 397Chowder7 Resident9,56210001.2 L$1.15 L$
citizen 398surimaribo Resident9,541already voted1.19 L$1.03 L$
citizen 399Aka Mata9,51610001.19 L$1.17 L$
citizen 400eldrethsievier Resident9,40110001.18 L$1.28 L$
citizen 401derick Yoshikawa9,35510001.17 L$1.27 L$
citizen 402BookShardlake Resident9,19410001.15 L$1.25 L$
citizen 403dkraclo Resident9,06710001.13 L$1.24 L$
citizen 404Jeremy Hexem8,89310001.11 L$1.21 L$
citizen 405JustCallMeRexy Resident8,82710001.1 L$1.20 L$
citizen 406Willie Frangilli8,688already voted1.09 L$1.05 L$
citizen 407WL0D Resident8,6259001.08 L$1.08 L$
citizen 408hunter02041982 Resident8,567already voted1.07 L$0.96 L$
citizen 409Grayvie Resident8,40010001.05 L$1.14 L$
citizen 410JohnMcBeth Resident8,36710001.05 L$1.14 L$
citizen 411fameng Resident8,34610001.04 L$1.08 L$
citizen 412patatol Resident8,31612501.04 L$0.88 L$
citizen 413Kanboriko Resident8,2419001.03 L$0.83 L$
citizen 414Nexus Tremor8,131301.02 L$0.97 L$
citizen 415jasmina Carolina8,09310001.01 L$1.10 L$
citizen 416BijanNow Resident8,06210001.01 L$1.10 L$
citizen 417dickinhandmandamn Resident8,0361761.01 L$0.86 L$
citizen 418DylanHowe Resident8,03010001 L$1.09 L$
citizen 419queenonthenile Resident8,01710001 L$1.09 L$
citizen 420JBStone Resident8,01710001 L$1.09 L$
citizen 421Monique Bellambi8,01510001 L$1.09 L$
citizen 422willyjackson Resident7,89810000.99 L$1.08 L$
citizen 423aiur2 Resident7,76610000.97 L$1.06 L$
citizen 424Zero Dagostino7,76110000.97 L$1.06 L$
citizen 425Mandy Vortex7,74610150.97 L$1.04 L$
citizen 426Klaraj Dinzel7,73710000.97 L$0.52 L$
citizen 427XxAnnabelLeexX Resident7,66110000.96 L$1.00 L$
citizen 428Okie Heartsong7,61510000.95 L$1.04 L$
citizen 429ArtisanCrafter Resident7,38310000.92 L$1.01 L$
citizen 430Kitten Kiyori7,35210000.92 L$1.00 L$
citizen 431YASUMORI Resident7,27810000.91 L$0.99 L$
citizen 432Tinycase91 Resident7,21210000.9 L$0.98 L$
citizen 433Blisst Resident7,18310000.9 L$0.98 L$
citizen 434BlueEyedDevil777 Resident7,14210000.89 L$0.97 L$
citizen 435Lapis Lykin7,14010000.89 L$0.97 L$
citizen 436Misslaurel Resident7,083already voted0.89 L$0.61 L$
citizen 437ProHuman Resident7,01510000.88 L$0.96 L$
citizen 438Fatima Lycia6,99210000.87 L$0.82 L$
citizen 439KittenLola Resident6,86410000.86 L$0.94 L$
citizen 440ShaneStorm Pumpkins6,74610000.84 L$0.92 L$
citizen 441Tutuola Ulrik6,72510000.84 L$0.92 L$
citizen 442Miranda Freenote6,67010000.83 L$0.91 L$
citizen 443Cool Driver6,59410540.83 L$0.88 L$
citizen 444BrookEve Resident6,50610000.81 L$0.89 L$
citizen 445Seirin Resident6,454290.81 L$0.62 L$
citizen 446BlueJadeFox Resident6,43410000.81 L$0.88 L$
citizen 447Erinarhen Vaniva6,41510000.8 L$0.72 L$
citizen 448CKRVA Resident6,36410000.8 L$0.87 L$
citizen 449jadek97 Resident6,34810000.79 L$0.87 L$
citizen 450Uslada08 Resident6,33510000.79 L$0.80 L$
citizen 451GothMetalBarbie Resident6,25210000.78 L$0.84 L$
citizen 452FoxxyGaz Resident6,1338000.77 L$0.81 L$
citizen 453TheLadyFabienne Resident6,070already voted0.76 L$0.42 L$
citizen 454Euthvil Resident6,04310000.76 L$0.82 L$
citizen 455IsabellavonGlanstein Resident6,02510000.75 L$0.82 L$
citizen 456Biekela Resident6,00810000.75 L$0.82 L$
citizen 457BloodyJynx Resident5,991already voted0.75 L$0.61 L$
citizen 458Majoliy Resident5,93010000.74 L$0.81 L$
citizen 459Roseamenelle Resident5,91810000.74 L$0.81 L$
citizen 460Dalzius Resident5,84510000.73 L$0.80 L$
citizen 461MicajahCresswell Resident5,81910000.73 L$0.79 L$
citizen 462KlSS Resident5,800already voted0.73 L$0.00 L$
citizen 463Melangel Thespian5,78710000.72 L$0.79 L$
citizen 464Hoangtram0110 Resident5,75710000.72 L$0.78 L$
citizen 465TallTamryu Resident5,75110000.72 L$0.78 L$
citizen 466skyebluefall Resident5,71010000.71 L$0.78 L$
citizen 467MaryLovys Resident5,65310000.71 L$0.77 L$
citizen 468snake89pl Resident5,63310000.7 L$0.77 L$
citizen 469TipTopsee Resident5,469already voted0.68 L$0.56 L$
citizen 470RaeLynn Ravenhurst5,46114180.68 L$0.71 L$
citizen 471Amaunet99 Resident5,45710000.68 L$0.73 L$
citizen 472buchhalter Zeitman5,44910000.68 L$0.67 L$
citizen 473crazyBelka Resident5,32610000.67 L$0.55 L$
citizen 474Icamat Resident5,322already voted0.67 L$0.28 L$
citizen 475RobynRedhead Resident5,28210000.66 L$0.72 L$
citizen 476emberjayne Resident5,18410000.65 L$0.71 L$
citizen 477S1mpleSarah Resident5,15210000.64 L$0.70 L$
citizen 478Janette2001 Resident5,13710000.64 L$0.70 L$
citizen 479LosAngelesGraff Resident5,12810000.64 L$0.70 L$
citizen 480SineadSnow Resident5,05910000.63 L$0.69 L$
citizen 481weegeefan91 Resident5,01810000.63 L$0.68 L$
citizen 482dx61005 Resident4,88510000.61 L$0.67 L$
citizen 483G1ggleMachineBri Resident4,84310000.61 L$0.66 L$
citizen 484fuzetea95 Resident4,817already voted0.6 L$0.50 L$
citizen 485Azkaria Resident4,79510000.6 L$0.65 L$
citizen 486NixSteven Resident4,7337500.59 L$0.00 L$
citizen 487oysterannie Resident4,67310000.58 L$0.64 L$
citizen 488DemonVixen Resident4,53210000.57 L$0.62 L$
citizen 489LeQuire Resident4,47810000.56 L$0.61 L$
citizen 490tomfewz Resident4,44510000.56 L$0.61 L$
citizen 491mitico Blister4,40410000.55 L$0.56 L$
citizen 492JaytheFox69 Resident4,380already voted0.55 L$1.08 L$
citizen 493PaescheFoxie Resident4,35710000.55 L$0.59 L$
citizen 494Amidaliah Resident4,29710000.54 L$0.59 L$
citizen 495reyguy29 Resident4,2957000.54 L$0.54 L$
citizen 496Ship2Sure Resident4,28310000.54 L$0.43 L$
citizen 497whereami8 Resident4,23210000.53 L$0.58 L$
citizen 498miasissy58 Resident4,22410000.53 L$0.50 L$
citizen 499MotoDarknight Resident4,17010000.52 L$0.57 L$
citizen 500Lylian Bellic4,09610000.51 L$0.10 L$
citizen 501emmillis Resident4,06510000.51 L$0.55 L$
citizen 502Elliena Bulmer4,06010000.51 L$0.55 L$
citizen 503oFemkeO Resident4,00010000.5 L$0.55 L$
citizen 504Titoss Xue3,96710000.5 L$0.54 L$
citizen 505EvieKray Resident3,95610000.5 L$0.54 L$
citizen 506Mirjam Dighno3,89110000.49 L$0.53 L$
citizen 507Darkheart Heartsdale3,87710000.49 L$0.53 L$
citizen 508BallerinaDoll Resident3,73110000.47 L$0.51 L$
citizen 509RobinX0X0 Resident3,70410000.46 L$0.50 L$
citizen 510Clein50 Resident3,67110000.46 L$0.50 L$
citizen 511NoaMellow Resident3,63710000.46 L$0.50 L$
citizen 512Jad3daj3w3l Resident3,59110000.45 L$0.49 L$
citizen 513DopierStudent51 Resident3,58510000.45 L$0.49 L$
citizen 514ROYALKING19913 Resident3,58010000.45 L$0.49 L$
citizen 515Darius Wilberg3,49710000.44 L$0.48 L$
citizen 516tinyangel2019 Resident3,49110000.44 L$0.48 L$
citizen 517Ninaca Jun3,46610000.43 L$0.42 L$
citizen 518Maccam71 Resident3,43810000.43 L$0.43 L$
citizen 519Faith Starchild3,38910000.42 L$0.46 L$
citizen 520Katiceres Resident3,33510000.42 L$0.45 L$
citizen 521XleishaX787 Resident3,30310000.41 L$0.45 L$
citizen 522Yodel1262 Resident3,29810000.41 L$0.45 L$
citizen 523loecifer Sporg3,27210000.41 L$0.45 L$
citizen 524Stefaneea Resident3,27110000.41 L$0.45 L$
citizen 525ChrystalD Resident3,25410000.41 L$0.44 L$
citizen 526jay1990x Resident3,21810000.4 L$0.44 L$
citizen 527Timeto Koskinen3,15010000.39 L$0.43 L$
citizen 528Kandie Gothly3,1448000.39 L$0.39 L$
citizen 529Ryurikovna Resident3,09212720.39 L$0.29 L$
citizen 530Tesheta Resident3,07410000.38 L$0.42 L$
citizen 531Toy Cheng3,04110000.38 L$0.41 L$
citizen 532JesusFernandes Resident3,02610000.38 L$0.41 L$
citizen 533Darkzero69 Resident3,02210000.38 L$0.41 L$
citizen 534AvalonSama Resident3,01510000.38 L$0.41 L$
citizen 535Button Covfefe3,01110000.38 L$0.41 L$
citizen 536Blane Yalin3,000already voted0.38 L$0.00 L$
citizen 537MaxSilverDragon Resident2,91210000.36 L$0.40 L$
citizen 538Karin Demonista2,89510000.36 L$0.39 L$
citizen 539Rosa Streusel2,87610000.36 L$0.39 L$
citizen 540Eros Dorben2,8516500.36 L$0.24 L$
citizen 541DeDe Leimes2,82810000.35 L$0.39 L$
citizen 542White Mysterious2,82010200.35 L$0.25 L$
citizen 543MarusiaMinx Resident2,80010000.35 L$0.38 L$
citizen 544AnaOcean Resident2,800already voted0.35 L$0.00 L$
citizen 545PinkyEgirl Resident2,78810000.35 L$0.38 L$
citizen 546Eevel Resident2,787already voted0.35 L$0.14 L$
citizen 547BabyBee54322 Resident2,78010000.35 L$0.38 L$
citizen 548Betty Helstein2,77510000.35 L$0.38 L$
citizen 549Gwendlynne Abeyante2,77210000.35 L$0.32 L$
citizen 550Kimmiana Andel2,76910000.35 L$0.38 L$
citizen 551emmas230 Resident2,75810000.35 L$0.38 L$
citizen 552PaoloF05 Resident2,75410000.34 L$0.38 L$
citizen 553Merricourt Resident2,72610000.34 L$0.37 L$
citizen 554Jules1979 Resident2,71310000.34 L$0.37 L$
citizen 555amaij Cosmos2,710already voted0.34 L$0.23 L$
citizen 556StariNite Resident2,69610000.34 L$0.37 L$
citizen 557RashidX Resident2,68210000.34 L$0.37 L$
citizen 558DarkMorticia Resident2,68110000.34 L$0.37 L$
citizen 559Mindy2021 Resident2,57910000.32 L$0.35 L$
citizen 560Yukimitsu Shinn2,57010000.32 L$0.21 L$
citizen 561Goodwrench Resident2,56610000.32 L$0.35 L$
citizen 562Cutieboy4memes Resident2,56010000.32 L$0.35 L$
citizen 563Holly Patrick2,52410000.32 L$0.34 L$
citizen 564TeenCandy Resident2,49910000.31 L$0.34 L$
citizen 565empressvybz Resident2,49910000.31 L$0.34 L$
citizen 566Rantaplan Resident2,49010000.31 L$0.34 L$
citizen 5677Pleasant7 Resident2,45010000.31 L$0.33 L$
citizen 568Erika Elcano2,445already voted0.31 L$0.20 L$
citizen 569Aliksania Resident2,44010000.31 L$0.33 L$
citizen 570Rylber399 Resident2,41610000.3 L$0.24 L$
citizen 571Sheepy Bailey2,41310000.3 L$0.33 L$
citizen 572Robert Hailey2,40410000.3 L$0.33 L$
citizen 573Shyann Kira2,39810000.3 L$0.33 L$
citizen 574RTHK123 Resident2,37310000.3 L$0.32 L$
citizen 575Lienangelo Resident2,35710000.29 L$0.32 L$
citizen 576Clint Snowfall2,33510000.29 L$0.32 L$
citizen 577Mariella Timeless2,30410000.29 L$0.31 L$
citizen 578kimari Askham2,30310000.29 L$0.31 L$
citizen 579TakiKeiba Resident2,2889000.29 L$0.24 L$
citizen 580Slada77 Resident2,26010000.28 L$0.31 L$
citizen 581specopsfox Resident2,25410000.28 L$0.28 L$
citizen 582HughBenis Resident2,24810000.28 L$0.31 L$
citizen 583myrtilless Resident2,23710000.28 L$0.30 L$
citizen 584Belladonna Bunderfeld2,22710000.28 L$0.29 L$
citizen 585LapinHime Resident2,210already voted0.28 L$0.26 L$
citizen 586Noldeas Resident2,20910000.28 L$0.29 L$
citizen 587catarynna12 Resident2,19714000.27 L$0.30 L$
citizen 588Merrytt Resident2,19010000.27 L$0.30 L$
citizen 589PammyRenee Resident2,17110000.27 L$0.30 L$
citizen 590sarahleedandara Resident2,16610000.27 L$0.30 L$
citizen 591Bloodfang Dagger2,15610000.27 L$0.29 L$
citizen 592nausikaa Hannu2,15110000.27 L$0.29 L$
citizen 593Zayden2020 Resident2,14510100.27 L$0.29 L$
citizen 594Vilria Resident2,14310000.27 L$0.29 L$
citizen 595Sunred22 Resident2,11410000.26 L$0.29 L$
citizen 596Aquaria Humphrey2,09010000.26 L$0.28 L$
citizen 5972ensie Resident2,08410000.26 L$0.28 L$
citizen 598brokendoll28 Resident2,08310000.26 L$0.27 L$
citizen 599Vivian Klees2,08110000.26 L$0.28 L$
citizen 600LadyInvincible Resident2,06610000.26 L$0.28 L$
citizen 601ThaneOwO Resident2,05210000.26 L$0.28 L$
citizen 602karlabadgirl Resident2,04610000.26 L$0.28 L$
citizen 603Elza Ronin2,04510000.26 L$0.28 L$
citizen 604YummySarra Genesis2,01010000.25 L$0.27 L$
citizen 605Ru Sorbet1,99010000.25 L$0.27 L$
citizen 606BrunoMartins2014 Resident1,99010000.25 L$0.13 L$
citizen 607MisterCaveMaster Resident1,98810000.25 L$0.27 L$
citizen 608Goomba Putzo1,98010000.25 L$0.27 L$
citizen 609Mone Palmira1,97310000.25 L$0.27 L$
citizen 610Loverman Remex1,95510000.24 L$0.24 L$
citizen 611Stiglitzer Resident1,954already voted0.24 L$0.13 L$
citizen 612PlutoSaturn Resident1,950already voted0.24 L$0.00 L$
citizen 613Sbecky Kidd1,94510000.24 L$0.21 L$
citizen 614Secretly Resident1,94210000.24 L$0.26 L$
citizen 615gryffoni Resident1,94010000.24 L$0.26 L$
citizen 616Abcd Rau1,93210000.24 L$0.26 L$
citizen 617dayz Short1,89510000.24 L$0.26 L$
citizen 618LadyAhyoka Resident1,89210000.24 L$0.23 L$
citizen 619Gary421 Resident1,85910000.23 L$0.25 L$
citizen 620Jaycinda Resident1,84910000.23 L$0.25 L$
citizen 621celestialgrace278 Resident1,84610000.23 L$0.25 L$
citizen 622ThorRagnarokOdinson Resident1,82011700.23 L$0.18 L$
citizen 623Jillx Resident1,81610000.23 L$0.25 L$
citizen 624Brian Rowley1,7891000.22 L$0.10 L$
citizen 625PiperWells Resident1,78210220.22 L$0.24 L$
citizen 626sivvy1 Resident1,78110000.22 L$0.24 L$
citizen 627Brinsel Resident1,77810000.22 L$0.24 L$
citizen 628onlyaboutfun Resident1,76910000.22 L$0.24 L$
citizen 629Joycelyn Ohmai1,76210000.22 L$0.24 L$
citizen 630qudex Coronet1,74810000.22 L$0.24 L$
citizen 631NikVoelz Resident1,74710000.22 L$0.24 L$
citizen 632Francescopalma Resident1,74610000.22 L$0.24 L$
citizen 633miablackwellcx Resident1,70110760.21 L$0.23 L$
citizen 634Trixxy2134 Resident1,700already voted0.21 L$0.00 L$
citizen 635Luna Darkheart1,67910000.21 L$0.23 L$
citizen 636MalkoviaBST Resident1,67710000.21 L$0.23 L$
citizen 637JonCernunnos Resident1,64310000.21 L$0.22 L$
citizen 638OathMusic Resident1,64110000.21 L$0.22 L$
citizen 639Rita Sunkiller1,63710000.2 L$0.22 L$
citizen 640Ton Silvercloud1,61210000.2 L$0.22 L$
citizen 641blindman75 Resident1,61110000.2 L$0.22 L$
citizen 642AnoukLion Resident1,60810000.2 L$0.22 L$
citizen 643Devilhase Aeon1,60410000.2 L$0.22 L$
citizen 644Ribodan Resident1,60110000.2 L$0.22 L$
citizen 645AriannaMor Resident1,59210000.2 L$0.22 L$
citizen 646bubblez1976 Resident1,58310000.2 L$0.22 L$
citizen 647WiccanSeductress Resident1,58010000.2 L$0.22 L$
citizen 648Moi987654321 Resident1,57710000.2 L$0.21 L$
citizen 649Alitiaa Resident1,57410000.2 L$0.21 L$
citizen 650kaylae307 Resident1,56510000.2 L$0.21 L$
citizen 651Birhin Resident1,53310000.19 L$0.21 L$
citizen 652Ella636 Resident1,52710800.19 L$0.21 L$
citizen 653SarahDuvall Resident1,52010000.19 L$0.21 L$
citizen 654MiramirariM Resident1,520already voted0.19 L$0.00 L$
citizen 655mrSprut Resident1,51810000.19 L$0.21 L$
citizen 656Becky Darkheart1,51510000.19 L$0.21 L$
citizen 657DilanDante Resident1,49910000.19 L$0.20 L$
citizen 658NitroB Resident1,49910000.19 L$0.20 L$
citizen 659Deslara Resident1,48410000.19 L$0.20 L$
citizen 660Lucrezia Kristan1,43510000.18 L$0.20 L$
citizen 661Ssparkyy Swindlehurst1,43510000.18 L$0.20 L$
citizen 662AnnaBellaRegn Resident1,42710000.18 L$0.19 L$
citizen 663Andrejenny Resident1,420already voted0.18 L$0.00 L$
citizen 664minino Toshi1,37410000.17 L$0.19 L$
citizen 665AshleeRoseBonham Resident1,36610000.17 L$0.19 L$
citizen 666rajeebh19 Resident1,35910000.17 L$0.19 L$
citizen 667Audio Gottfried1,33610000.17 L$0.14 L$
citizen 668aries638588 Resident1,33510000.17 L$0.14 L$
citizen 669xLizaSimpsoNx Resident1,31210000.16 L$0.18 L$
citizen 670Kanifol Resident1,31210000.16 L$0.18 L$
citizen 671AlexandrieDeveraux Resident1,28010000.16 L$0.17 L$
citizen 672Divo Delicioso1,25110000.16 L$0.17 L$
citizen 673FelicityForce Resident1,24710000.16 L$0.17 L$
citizen 674MaxDick69 Resident1,24010000.16 L$0.17 L$
citizen 675Lynnetx Resident1,23710000.15 L$0.17 L$
citizen 676vasukee Resident1,23110000.15 L$0.17 L$
citizen 677CraigKnight Resident1,17510000.15 L$0.16 L$
citizen 678HalenaMikaelson Resident1,17510000.15 L$0.16 L$
citizen 679Amabylinoemi Resident1,17010000.15 L$0.16 L$
citizen 680Sveta Xue1,16710000.15 L$0.16 L$
citizen 681CaliforniaJones Resident1,16610000.15 L$0.16 L$
citizen 682rajvi12 Resident1,16310000.15 L$0.16 L$
citizen 683MYKAELLA30 Resident1,16310000.15 L$0.16 L$
citizen 684DaveD80 Resident1,16310000.15 L$0.16 L$
citizen 685Grey Rosca1,16310000.15 L$0.16 L$
citizen 686kellymjenkins Resident1,15810000.14 L$0.16 L$
citizen 687Cherri McKeenan1,15210000.14 L$0.16 L$
citizen 688MissGigilove Resident1,14310000.14 L$0.11 L$
citizen 689xZoro91 Resident1,13010000.14 L$0.15 L$
citizen 690Galaksia Resident1,12210000.14 L$0.15 L$
citizen 691AmyHeartfilia Resident1,12010000.14 L$0.15 L$
citizen 692SpoopyPeach25 Resident1,11210000.14 L$0.15 L$
citizen 693Anastasia Alpha1,10010000.14 L$0.15 L$
citizen 694darklightfury Resident1,08610000.14 L$0.15 L$
citizen 695lunaswain Resident1,083already voted0.14 L$0.07 L$
citizen 696Aros Cloud1,07910000.14 L$0.15 L$
citizen 697Giuliano Starchild1,06810000.13 L$0.15 L$
citizen 698Rose Mercury1,0673000.13 L$0.01 L$
citizen 699DreeMeDee Psaltery1,06210000.13 L$0.14 L$
citizen 700Ribben Snowpaw1,06010000.13 L$0.14 L$
citizen 701darkwildleopard Resident1,04910000.13 L$0.14 L$
citizen 702darkmistery7 Resident1,020already voted0.13 L$0.00 L$
citizen 703TaraDayz Resident1,00310000.13 L$0.14 L$
citizen 704RoseTigressFrostBite Resident1,00110000.13 L$0.16 L$
citizen 705LordoNetto Resident1,00010000.13 L$0.00 L$
citizen 706lunarfairy122 Resident1,00020000.13 L$0.00 L$
citizen 707serena Seminario95610000.12 L$0.13 L$
citizen 708MistyGuest Resident94810000.12 L$0.13 L$
citizen 709Zyuip Resident90910000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 710MartinAntony Resident90510000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 711gregt77140 Blinker90010000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 712Daisy0417 Resident90010090.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 713scooter Michalski88710000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 714Jeankeegirl Resident88710000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 715waller006 Resident88611460.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 716Arsen00 Resident880already voted0.11 L$1.42 L$
citizen 717ILeeI Resident87910000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 718PAPERINO Messinez86910000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 719Neena Kiko84810000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 720Mike Skydancer84410000.11 L$0.12 L$
citizen 721XALEXANDRX Resident840already voted0.11 L$0.00 L$
citizen 722Victor Tuxing83110000.1 L$0.11 L$
citizen 723JillRenee Resident79410000.1 L$0.11 L$
citizen 724BigBossTurboFt Resident79110000.1 L$0.11 L$
citizen 725Kitty Mosellen78810000.1 L$0.11 L$
citizen 726RaiveStarsight Resident78810000.1 L$0.11 L$
citizen 727RenaCelline Resident77610000.1 L$0.11 L$
citizen 728Aidan Rosenberg774already voted0.1 L$0.06 L$
citizen 729QwadiraSilver Resident75810000.09 L$0.10 L$
citizen 730Galvestonbay Resident75810000.09 L$0.10 L$
citizen 731Dreamer42000 Resident749already voted0.09 L$0.29 L$
citizen 732Hernystar Resident74310000.09 L$0.10 L$
citizen 733BURBERRYWeekend80 Resident72910000.09 L$0.10 L$
citizen 734Mosita193 Resident72910000.09 L$0.10 L$
citizen 735VictoriaRavencroft Resident68710000.09 L$0.09 L$
citizen 736Rakasha Farspire67810000.08 L$0.09 L$
citizen 737Jeqoo Resident67410000.08 L$0.09 L$
citizen 738genoveva72 Resident67310000.08 L$0.09 L$
citizen 739fabiana Crescendo65910000.08 L$0.09 L$
citizen 740Lexmarithon Carpaccio65610000.08 L$0.09 L$
citizen 741Kertenkelebeleylek Resident64610000.08 L$0.09 L$
citizen 742Huakeriasan Resident64610000.08 L$0.09 L$
citizen 743murilinh0 Xenno63010780.08 L$0.09 L$
citizen 744Canidsy Resident63010000.08 L$0.09 L$
citizen 745AngelinaDesiree Resident62810000.08 L$0.09 L$
citizen 746Bionic007 Resident62513050.08 L$0.09 L$
citizen 747ptmd423 Resident620already voted0.08 L$0.00 L$
citizen 748LadyNightsong Resident60610000.08 L$0.08 L$
citizen 749KittyVonTitties Resident60310000.08 L$0.08 L$
citizen 750sammira Bartavelle59010000.07 L$0.08 L$
citizen 751BigSpungus35 Resident58110000.07 L$0.08 L$
citizen 752bobbiedragonwolf Resident57910000.07 L$0.07 L$
citizen 753Gillie Loring57410000.07 L$0.08 L$
citizen 754xxBysinkaxx Resident57410000.07 L$0.08 L$
citizen 755Alexxr6 Resident57410000.07 L$0.08 L$
citizen 756Furskidoodle Resident57210000.07 L$0.08 L$
citizen 757devonwest1 Resident55510000.07 L$0.08 L$
citizen 758CelineTwilight Resident55110000.07 L$0.08 L$
citizen 759John Gavilan54710000.07 L$0.07 L$
citizen 760Six Juriya53110000.07 L$0.07 L$
citizen 761Meligamer Resident53110000.07 L$0.07 L$
citizen 762Fiesta Roecastle53110000.07 L$0.07 L$
citizen 763Chewy Fae52710000.07 L$0.07 L$
citizen 764Natalie Loxtonian51510000.06 L$0.07 L$
citizen 765tswap Resident50210000.06 L$0.07 L$
citizen 766justadrii Resident50010000.06 L$0.07 L$
citizen 767Angel Daffodil50010000.06 L$0.07 L$
citizen 768qAdrienne Resident49910000.06 L$0.07 L$
citizen 769EowynAnn Resident49910000.06 L$0.07 L$
citizen 770Irakllia Alecto49610000.06 L$0.07 L$
citizen 771Chatteers Resident49610000.06 L$0.07 L$
citizen 772Madisson Camino47910000.06 L$0.07 L$
citizen 773Sorina Garrigus47810000.06 L$0.07 L$
citizen 774zotyi72 Resident47310000.06 L$0.06 L$
citizen 775Colller Resident47110000.06 L$0.06 L$
citizen 776Disarmed Resident47010000.06 L$0.04 L$
citizen 777PeachyKittay Resident46210000.06 L$0.06 L$
citizen 778Rickyyyyyy Xue45210000.06 L$0.06 L$
citizen 779WrathDragon Resident45010000.06 L$0.06 L$
citizen 780byakko877 Resident45010000.06 L$0.06 L$
citizen 781Jennifer Perhaps44310000.06 L$0.06 L$
citizen 782Burningashwood Resident44210000.06 L$0.06 L$
citizen 783Drag Parx44112400.06 L$0.06 L$
citizen 784kaigon Resident43710000.05 L$0.06 L$
citizen 785Mystic Ivorymage43710000.05 L$0.06 L$
citizen 786Leyla72 Resident43710000.05 L$0.06 L$
citizen 787oldlion74 Resident43410000.05 L$0.06 L$
citizen 788Trip Somerset41810000.05 L$0.06 L$
citizen 789ChaseTheScorpio Resident41310000.05 L$0.06 L$
citizen 790automatebot Resident41310000.05 L$0.06 L$
citizen 791EconaWolf Resident40510000.05 L$0.06 L$
citizen 792MsChanelOberlin Resident40510000.05 L$0.06 L$
citizen 793LordDarckgon Resident40510000.05 L$0.06 L$
citizen 794Sanya2022 Resident400already voted0.05 L$0.00 L$
citizen 795Whitemoccha Resident39710000.05 L$0.05 L$
citizen 796MariannaLa Resident38710000.05 L$0.05 L$
citizen 797FabiniDC Resident37810000.05 L$0.05 L$
citizen 798icedemmon Resident37210000.05 L$0.05 L$
citizen 799TasiaAmberRaeNaylise Resident35610000.04 L$0.05 L$
citizen 800marcel Trapdoor35510000.04 L$0.05 L$
citizen 801HarleyJQuinn8807 Resident35310000.04 L$0.01 L$
citizen 802AzarniTsa Resident34710000.04 L$0.05 L$
citizen 803Neyvn Kenzo34710000.04 L$0.05 L$
citizen 804LydiaMatisse Resident34510000.04 L$0.05 L$
citizen 805zivaah Resident33810000.04 L$0.05 L$
citizen 806Skyblue Flores33310000.04 L$0.05 L$
citizen 807idhunita81 Xenno330already voted0.04 L$0.00 L$
citizen 808Clairvel Resident32910000.04 L$0.04 L$
citizen 809AlHunt Resident32910000.04 L$0.04 L$
citizen 810acaciamonshadow Resident32910000.04 L$0.04 L$
citizen 811LisavonGlanstein Resident32710000.04 L$0.04 L$
citizen 812vonBlankenstein Resident32710000.04 L$0.04 L$
citizen 813XxDarkTemptressxX Resident31910000.04 L$0.04 L$
citizen 814Jane Loordes31510000.04 L$0.04 L$
citizen 815Shamonne Resident31510000.04 L$0.04 L$
citizen 816Alexa Broome31010000.04 L$0.04 L$
citizen 817Paipere Resident30010000.04 L$0.04 L$
citizen 818Nedar Koba29610000.04 L$0.04 L$
citizen 819PiaSpirelli Resident29210120.04 L$0.04 L$
citizen 820TiggyTibbs Resident28710000.04 L$0.04 L$
citizen 821Marciasdias Resident28710000.04 L$0.04 L$
citizen 822Savanah Helendale28210000.04 L$0.04 L$
citizen 823cyborgSL Resident27910000.03 L$0.04 L$
citizen 824Semiramis1 Resident27510000.03 L$0.04 L$
citizen 825Rosey785Bloom Resident26710000.03 L$0.04 L$
citizen 826AliciaStoneK18 Resident26610000.03 L$0.04 L$
citizen 827Akteur Resident26510000.03 L$0.04 L$
citizen 828kitty19841984 Resident26310000.03 L$0.04 L$
citizen 829Sherridon Mercury25310000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 830gallishia Resident25210000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 831voyag1212 Resident25210000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 832MistyFishEyes Resident24810000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 833LitaReigns Resident24310000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 834Luther Nestler23910000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 835LEILANIDaphne Resident23910000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 836FrancescawulfFirethorn Resident23910000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 837Jerri67 Resident23911650.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 838MandyGirl36 Resident23710000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 839Kittopia Resident22910000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 840Delilah Querilo22610000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 841Mariyaha Resident22610000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 842Yulia Lysette22110000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 843SirBlood Resident22110000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 844TPHoarder Resident21510000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 845Georgia Munster21510000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 846Plebian75 Resident21210000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 8471DayIWill Resident21110000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 848AlienLover2 Resident20810000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 849Roberto Roubodoo20110000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 850EthanVyer Resident20010000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 851VilioKiss Resident20010000.03 L$0.03 L$
citizen 852PazRyaDawson Resident200already voted0.03 L$0.00 L$
citizen 853Akihiroo Resident200already voted0.03 L$0.00 L$
citizen 854KingdomCat32 Resident19910000.02 L$0.03 L$
citizen 855Gorgud Avro19810000.02 L$0.03 L$
citizen 856sandylove2019 Resident19410000.02 L$0.03 L$
citizen 857KoWoTo Resident19410000.02 L$0.03 L$
citizen 858scruffydelroughe Resident19410000.02 L$0.03 L$
citizen 859babygirl Juneberry19210000.02 L$0.03 L$
citizen 860Bellatrix Edwardstone18810000.02 L$0.03 L$
citizen 8613EvaRosaline Resident18510000.02 L$0.03 L$
citizen 862Viktor Corvinus18510000.02 L$0.03 L$
citizen 863ByeByeFacebook Resident18510000.02 L$0.03 L$
citizen 864gastzubesuch Resident18010000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 8651truboss Resident17910000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 866victoriahail Resident17110000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 867TiffanyTD Resident16910000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 868airickuh Resident16810000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 869AliciaBCullen Resident16710000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 870HornajRoza Resident16710000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 871Tabby2Tone Ghost16710000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 872Roxxanne Starlight16210000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 873vickyslaboss Resident15310000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 874Paynter Francis15010000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 875HUKON Resident15010000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 876M4IS0U3STD0NC0RNIC4R Resident14610000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 877Chelsea Brandes14510000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 878NatShanosky Resident14310000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 879Weiyu Chun14210000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 880Mariana Chiuh14210000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 881lstob Resident13610000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 882paullehat Resident13510000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 883misstyeyes Resident134already voted0.02 L$0.01 L$
citizen 884RitaMartin Resident13410000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 885Narcissa Macalroy13210000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 886Kagrra Resident13210000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 887pixiecathy Resident13210000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 888KieraDeluka Resident12910000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 889Amelie Opaque12610000.02 L$0.01 L$
citizen 890ARAGOM30 Resident12510000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 891zarlicfisher Resident12410000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 892ialopezg Resident12210000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 893Vance Siamendes12210000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 894kostas8813 Resident12210000.02 L$0.02 L$
citizen 895Kevinsons Resident100already voted0.01 L$0.00 L$
citizen 896calexise1 Resident9510000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 897JulliaBac Resident9510000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 898Kimba121 Resident84already voted0.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 899Manzana2022 Resident8110000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 900Pheobe Torrance8110000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 901riquezas Resident8010000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 902Mitsela Andretti7710000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 903Bbygrltjg Resident7310000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 904SashaByaku Resident7310000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 905barbika30 Resident7310000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 906lisbe1thag1 Resident7310000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 907DrPepperDude1885 Resident6610000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 908FabyaneS2 Resident5910000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 909Dannikka Resident5910000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 910EvelyneLocke Resident5910000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 911Sabrina Absinthe5310000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 912shoebat Resident5310000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 913johnydavid Resident4810000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 914manuela Gracemount4810000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 915Foxnight Follet4810000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 916Chanasitsayo Resident4810000.01 L$0.01 L$
citizen 917JumbaDeJux Resident3810000 L$0.01 L$
citizen 918myzdd Resident3110000 L$0.00 L$
citizen 919JacobHGL Resident3010000 L$0.00 L$
citizen 920juliasalvatore19 Resident810000 L$0.00 L$
citizen 921ClaraHua Resident610000 L$0.00 L$
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