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New Gold Hunt Lands

Earn Linden with Farm Frenzy

Did you know that you can earn linden by farming worms?

As a farmer you'll be able to sell the worms you farm on the worm exchange. Farm on a grand scale to get farming experience points and increase the size of your crops!

Farm Frenzy

Visit today's 50 Newest Lands - you never know what you'll discover!

(click for teleport link)
1bladeshredder 160
2TrithonofBorg 180
3xoxdamonxox1988 561
4CalandriaLarkMoon 2985
5Atargatis98 2417
6SteffiiSugabum 101468
7LilSaphira 20
8LilSaphira 445
9boebett 1295
10boenkerop 24950
11brains22 Slade271
12Vlastilina 1160
13Ezmery Highfield295
14Rozene Lexington2620
15scooterboo14 26085
16jaypod001 170
17marlboro Foxclaw3751
18Praesto 1051
19Foxymophandlemama 115855
20Yalene 18511
21RJ Aulder1459
22AnneWu 15225
23AnneWu 1031
24Eric Coiffard140605
25Kaine Cyr532
26ANNELIE70 11647
27CaraIsabelle 2265
28ray1276 2721
29LloydLexus 7580
30Teka71 10457
31Tati084 1353
32RedVixen00 5173
33Lb Daniels1156
34Thashauna 116529
35MarkByron Falta276
36Fairyvogel 571
37Decimuss Silverweb3144
38Decimuss Silverweb30912
39Decimuss Silverweb28535
40Yaia Rau32012
41GrandHaven 7838
42iMortTM 3601
43HelianthusAnnuus 5522
44LveMeNotMadNadz 100244
45AfinaMus 855
46anibrm Jung3152
47RaidenRose 6390
48rawc 1490
49LeoPoli 1944
50SL3Design 17757

3423 Kingdom Coins were distributed daily in 2018! Now in 2019 only 1000. Kingdom Coins are limited in total supply. Read more at Kingdom Coins explained