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New Gold Hunt Lands

Earn Linden with Farm Frenzy

Did you know that you can earn linden by farming worms?

As a farmer you'll be able to sell the worms you farm on the worm exchange. Farm on a grand scale to get farming experience points and increase the size of your crops!

Farm Frenzy

Visit today's 50 Newest Lands - you never know what you'll discover!

(click for teleport link)
1MarinaCatalina 1050
2SweetTaffeyLove 395
3SweetTaffeyLove 1070
4Beau Burks14109
5Buckspeed Karu233
6Beau Burks11905
7wubaah 10460
8BambiFree 30785
9KristaHarrelson 281
10Sixx McMahon379
11Kirzatalia 3421
12Kirzatalia 20091
13Ample Clarity5187
14Ivory Nastula471
15roboxdroid 28940
16Ivory Nastula2580
17Ivory Nastula4099
18Ivory Nastula14222
19Ivory Nastula3582
20Sammies42 20535
21Buckspeed Karu11316
22AJoy2U 581
23Mark1Webservice 1240
24jbc71 14603
25Barren Huszar65
26Barren Huszar4307
27Barren Huszar5310
28Barren Huszar14442
29Barren Huszar7347
30Barren Huszar4951
31Barren Huszar11452
32faizalola5 1185
33iphonedon890 244
34ChantalRouge1684 903
35Jman Foxclaw21995
36Loleeta Lennie2836
37AJoy2U 3491
38Beau Burks28040
39IngaAelson 407
40Trippel Bruun10020
41KotaJo 7580
42Starry Randt30976
43KitKatPerrin 28958
44Aleez54 329
45Rachele88 953
46Rachele88 4067
47thimblemunch 3462
48genghisbeer 1193
49genghisbeer 11481
50Coolguy Coage25771