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Fish Hunt Land Profile

❀ REQUIEM GACHA YARD SALES Large Area ✎ WRITERS RETREAT ✎ Writing Workshops Authors Poets Bloggers Publishing ❀

Land rank 9: ♥ Snuffle Crib ♥
Land rank 11: Moonstorme Gardens


or copy to your chat in Second Life:

Welcome to Requiem. ADULT SIM.  all welcome at the fishing area. ONLY - re ADULT content other places .  Lots to entertain you  while you  fish.  Or if you  come back to just relax a while.   FREE games to play at the fishing area. Floor Chess, Tic Tac Toe  Greedy. Guessing game with the Drawing Chalk Board, Bubble floater jump in and float around.  Fun Seesaw. Or sit at the. Macha Bar, the  seatng set out all in range for you to fish.  so grab a chair or sit at the bar,  relax while you  fish.

If you like gacha there is a large area with over Fifty stores. Houses too. (some adult items here Beds, chairs and BDSM RLV props)

AWAY  FROM THE FISHING AND GACHA   -  WRITERS RETREAT   Writers,Poets,Bloggers,Authors, Workshops Publishing.  Meet like minded people. Please come along take a look. TP  to the main Island click the big book on landing.  (Beach huts are there for you  to use  NOT RENTALS.

 I DO NOT MIND at all if you are AFK. here   Be it ONE hour or TEN  ....  It happens  Just dont stay at the landing point.

I hope you enjoy your visit and happy Fishing and Hunting,


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