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Sin City

After a longer absence due to personal health issues, Sin City is back.

The past is the past; water under the bridge as the saying goes, time for a new chapter, ne? Therefore friends and foes; new players or senior fishers are all welcome to visit.

The dedicated area for Fish Hunt is so far limited. This version of Sin City (4.1?) has its fair share of “rough” neighbourhoods. Feel free to explore the grounds but please keep in mind that, while many things goes there are certain rules; especially outside the dedicated fishing area.

Simply put, it is in progress transforming into a semi-serious Role Playing sim. In such areas it is a no-go to wander in as a talking horse for example. Dogs and horses; cats and dragons are all very well and there are many extremely cute and/or cool avatars out there! However…

Please imagine you are watching the newest uhm… Pirates of the Caribbean. Then picture inside your head that, a sports car suddenly drive in from the left! *slam!* and the poor pirates are no more. Well… while it would do as a good laugh and a shake of the head, said film would hardly win any prize for plausibility, would it now? Same goes for a Role Playing place. People there are simply trying to have fun in a different manner than say, fishing :O)

In the designated fishing area feel free to be whom you are; pick an avatar of YOUR choosing and have fun!  I am sure you will show common sense in order to not ruin the fishing experience for your fellow fishers :O) e.g. if you are a 80m tall giant you might want to change to a slightly smaller size before uhm… you know.

Whole sim is strictly 18+ years old! Real Life and Second Life i.e. child avatars will be banned on sight. Wild West here; shoot first, ask later!

I hope you will enjoy your stay at Sin City and regardless of gender or race; religion or none I wish you a most wonderful day.


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