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…In a distant future, or a long gone past…

Sin City and Moonstorme Productions presents
An Ethereal Realm’s area

Silhana’s Legacy

Themed medieval with a little magic here and there, this area is meant to be our humble tribute to the LGH community.
Please join us in our quest for a little more magic in our world; hunt or fish; gather resources or harvest worms; plant sunflowers or aid with watering duties.

And above all else: please remember that we are all humans inside; we may be dragons, dogs, cats, demons, wolves, vampires etcetera in here – in Second Life – however, regardless we are real people sitting all over the world, joining a community where we can chat and have fun together, fish or hunt for lindens and so forth. In short: our actions in Second Life reflect – in a way – who we truly are. Not appearance of course; in here we can be tall or short; brunette or blonde; even change several times a day! But inside… our actions and reactions; our way to treat each other. Do we choose to get angry if someone seemingly insults us? Do we apologise if we hurt someone? Well, in real life there can be little doubt which we would choose, so why should we be significantly different simply because we sit behind a keyboard and become “keyboard warriors”? Let us remember decency and respect for each other!

Silhana – the oldest and most powerful of all the dragons in the Western Wastelands, her treasures as famous as her deadly fangs and claws were feared, her magic powerful enough to lay waste to countless castles, armies and even the six wizards’ stronghold.

A thousand years after her reported disappearance; traveling into a vortex of pure magic to seek out even greater powers – her former hunting grounds finally came back to life.
Ethereal and fragile at the beginning, the first batch of brave settles claimed old territories. No longer a realm with magic in abundance, the village witch the sole source left to keep the spawns of Silhana at bay.



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Please think twice
Posted by 0Nadia0 in General
July 11, 2018, 3:09 pm
I would like to ask all fellow fishers to consider this:\r\n\r\nPlease think twice before you hit the “vote down” bu..

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