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Fish Hunt Land Profile

Arcem et Foro @ Cartier 14

Land rank 13: KuLani - Bisexual Nude Beach
Land rank 15: Kasey's Fishing


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Shops and corrals/stalls for rent to show off/sell your breedables, Apartment Rentals. All rentals:1st week gets you 2wks. Rental Special until 07/31/17: 4wks = 50% off.
Teleport boards for easy navigation. Auctions coming soon! Special Bloodlinesfriendly area on sim, too!!!

Perry Moonshadow's Blog Posts

Back on SL
June 13, 2017, 12:49 am
Well, I\\\'ve actually been back on SL for a month now.  I took a five (5) year hiatus because Rl got in the way of my ..

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