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Feelmore City


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What separates us from the rest. We are a full fledged city with the best scenery to fish in. Why would you always want the same thing. Fishing in a lake or fishing in the ocean. Were not just a fishing spot!!! We have a pier, a club, housing, advertising, store rentals, a red light district and AFK areas. We are all real people!!! Not like the others that use bots. We have real interaction when we are there, we RP and even have  discord where all the tenants hang out. I have been in Second Life now for over 13 years so I am not a new person. I am also NOT OLD lol. and yes that is really me in my profile....after 13 years why bother hiding what you look like. If you like great scenery, a little bit of action and fun, need somewhere to bring your friends, family or one night stands, or wanna make some extra linden, come visit me, my friends and extended family at FeelMore City.

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Not your ordinary Gold Hunt
February 23, 2019, 3:29 am
Feelmore Harbor is now a gold hunt sim as well as hmmmmm some sights that may or may not be appropriate (depending how y..

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