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Fish Hunt Land Profile

彡Frankie's Marina (Yacht/Jetski/Heli/HouseBoats) Slip Parking彡

Land rank 49: KREWE SANDBOX
Land rank 51: Worm Breeding Farm and Shop


or copy to your chat in Second Life:
彡Frankie's Marina Slip Parking for Yachts, Jet-skies, Helicopters, House Boats, at a 100 prims or less!
彡Located on the East-End of SL-Continent "Corsica", West of SL-Continent "Gaeta V", and North of SL-Continent "Nautilus".
彡Excellent Water Ways and Helicopter Flight Paths!
彡Access to Protect Waters. Explore the Continents by Sea or Air!
彡Large House Boats for Rent! Fully-Furnished! Security System! Boat Slip Included!
彡Low Slip Rentals - Rez your own House Boat! Live on water!
彡Swim with fishes under the water! Jet-ski with friends above the water. Fun for the whole Family!
彡Special accommodations to Live Under the Water! 100-prims or less!
彡Flexable Parking for all your water craft. Get them out of inventory and start using them! 100-prims or less!
彡Helicopter Parking 55-prims or less! Available!
彡Come Visit Us Today! Tell a Friend!
 彡Frankie's Marina彡 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shiradin/15/15/22

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