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or copy to your chat in Second Life:

Just a few notes for hunters:

  1. Coins are only  hidden on the main sim, Anoron. There's a second, homestead sim, Tranquility Grove, but there are no coins hidden there.
  2. Coins are not hidden in Designated Adult Areas (DAA)... on the sim these are the Grotto, Hungry Hunter, Baths and the Ceremonial Chamber. Others are in skyboxes and on the teleporter pictures are *clearly* marked as DAAs on the teleporter image.
  3. Don't forget the skyboxes! Any skybox not marked as DAA (see above) or the Meeroo and Horse sales areas, have coins hidden. Take the teleporters! Choose your destination using the right and left arrows until the sign shows the destination you want, click on the pad, then "sit" on the glowing blue disk to teleport.
  4. There is one private parcel with a villa on it, this is restricted access and there are no coins hidden in there.
  5. NO nudity or sexual stuff except in DAAs (... and there are no coins hidden there anyway)
  6. NO FLYING! One warning before eject.
  7. Child, underage, and overtly sexual avatars will be ejected. Possibly without warning, depending on my degree of exacerbation.

Any hunters new to Anoron who don't know where to look for coins, please! feel free to IM me (I'm usually standing in my villa in one corner of the sim).  I'm usually very happy to help anyone who needs it! I don't bite, I swear!


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