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Jewels Erotic Beach ~^ Clothing Optional ^~

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(JOIN GROUP TO FLY) Explore and Check out the Hawtest Erotic Beach in SL - Where you Wet Dreams Cum true! The G-Spot Where your RL Fantasies become your SL Reality! Explore the Lustful Sandy Beaches to Fulfill ALL Your Fantasies. The Place to spend a day Role Playing ~*~ The PERFECT SPOT for a DATE~ This Adult Only ~^Clothing Optional^~ Beach Resort has many FUN & Nawty things to Explore: Grab a TAG and Enjoy All that is offered ~ Enjoy your ADVENTURE~ ~ Enjoy some FUN on the Beach: SWIMMING Lessons Daily ~ Build a Sand Castle ~ Be a Lifeguard ~ Relax and Sunbathe ~ Surf the Big Waves ~ 7Seas Fishing w a Daily Bounty Hunt ~ Host a party at the Grill & Bar Area ~ Get a Massage ~ Join friends in the Suana/Shower ~ ~ Erotic Slide Shows and Art ~ The Nawty BDSM Sunday School ~ the place to KNEEL Down to Commit or Confess your Sins ~ A place to Capture and Hold your Prey ~ Many Public and Private settings for your preference ~ Feed and Ride a Dolphin ~ Daly Contest Ride Linden Prize ~ You can ride the dolphins and Whales in this area ~ Also, this is the area where you can ~ Stop by and feed the ducks . Have some Alone or Adult Play time too! ~ Climb Meditation Mountain and Relax and Play. The Perfect spot to watch the SunRise w your cup of coffee ~ relax over drinks w your friends ~ mediate in a beautiful area ~ take a shower to get all the daily gained sand from from your nooks and cranies ~ Relax in a hot tub ~ Explore the YACHTS for Hours and Hours of Innocent and Nawty Fun ~ ~ The LUSTFUL LUXURY contains everything to satisfy your needs. A workout area to keep your pixels fit ~ a Salon for your Beauty needs ~ A Massage area ~ '50s style dinner ~ Fly a Helicopter ~ Pool area w bar and shower ~A rezzer to make an EVENT possible (a wedding, reception, concert, party, or maybe a fashion show) ~ Many different spots of Prviate Quarters ~ Detention Center for your prey ~ A Fully Functioning Kitchen to show your Culinary Skills ~ Have a meal at the Grill on the bottom deck ~ Take a Swim in one of the pools ~ Relax in the Jacuzzis or the Suauna ~ Hang at one of the Bars ~ another place to RP become a bartender, lifeguard, tour guide, piano player, Be the Captian of the Vessel, a helicopter pilot, hairdresser or maybe a guard ~ The EMME contains a smaller version of above ~ ~ A Massage area ~ Many different spots of Prviate Quarters ~ Fully Fuctional Bathroom w Jacuzzi ~ A Fully Functioning Kitchen to show your Culinary Skills ~ Have a meal at the Grill ~ A party on the Main Deck with fully Fuctioning Erotic Dance Poles ~ Boardwalk Area - has Canival Rides and Games to play ~ Grab a snack and Explore for your FUN~ Take a Spin on the Ferris Wheel ~ A Nawty Kinky Carousel Center ~ Mud wrestling ~ Fuckin' Booth ~ Hawt Air Balloon Ride ~ Erotic Art and Movie ~ Shops and Carts ~ Boat Rides ~ Jet skiing ~ Erotic Water Feature and more * TIS Hybrid Dance Ball w/HUD for Sim wide Dancing * Enjoy the large selection of the best Couples and Single dances in SL * FREE Hud From the dance ball and dance ANYWHERE on the Island ** Balls will rez next to whereever you are standing on the sim ** in your home - on the beach - in the sauna ~ where ever you are having fun on the Resort ~ Campfire Site ~ Waterfall area ~ Small Island w Rock Feature ~ Coin Linden Hunt ~ Linden Hunting Fishing ~ Paddle Chairs / Floaties Make sure to check back often ~ Things WILL Change ~ Don't Miss out ~ There is always something NEW happening ........ Island Bylaws: - This is a Adult ISLAND, you must be Age-Verified. Please refer to the latest LL definitions of Adult content (found on the Second Life support site) if you have any questions. -Clothing Optional - Please respect the Renters Homes. ~Have Fun! PLEASE NOTE: After you have selected your new Beach Home - please send a Notecard to either PoisonedJewels or EmeraldJewels so your Resident group tag can be assigned. This will allow you to place your items in your new home. Time Loss will be credited up to when your resident group tag is issued - so that you are not paying for empty time. You MUST KEEP your membership in the group to have access to the Resort Areas and your Home. You will needs to add your friends (the TRUE SL NAME & not their Nickname) into the security system so they can access your home. Also, Tenants (Resident Tag) will be able to manage the access and ban lists along with ejecting avatars from the land. Payment is a inal Sale ~ NO REFUNDS! Poisoned and I looks forward to being your neighbor. Any questions please send notecards to either of us. Hope you enjoy your time at Jewels Erotic Beach! Any question contact: EmeraldJewels Resident - Island Owner PoisonedJewels Resident - Island Owner


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