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Community Reviews

Barren Huszar

January 24, 2017, 4:25 am - View Personal Profile

Please tell us where it is different, after the issue we posted that we fixed the problem with the security on the mikos rooms, their parcel so to say, so that now it only ejects you instead of eject and ban,

And yes to be fair since the spheres only control that parcel it shouldnt of interrupted your game much in the least especially because there is no coins in the miko's rooms.

The area belonging to the shrine maidens that serve us do not have them so there was no need to go there and no need to complain about such a trivial thing.

Now a full ban over the parcels which include areas covered by gold hunt are done by Amaterasu's Will, a wing clipper that detects and bans people who fly, 

in short, if you got banned from the miko's private quarters you could of come back immediately and went about playing the game instead of posting angry reviews. You had that option, the only parcel that their security orbs cover are their quarters which had nothing for you to start.

if however you claim you were banned from the ENTIRE grounds in Sallow, then you would of had to have been banned for flight. and that ban would of been after a warning and 60 seconds to land and play fair. 

BTW we bumped up that ban to 24 hours.

Kyrie Thunders

January 24, 2017, 3:03 am - View Personal Profile

sorry barron, i wasn't cheating, i didn't bypass land settings and i wasn't flying, i use firestorm browser and as far as i know there is no way to bypass no fly in firestorm.  i jumped on a wall and fell into a yard, got a freaking 10 second warning and was booted from the parcel.


it is always nice when what you sent in game is different from what you put on the review


[18:14] Inari Ōkami (barren.huszar): (Saved Mon Jan 23 06:17:17 2017)hello, this is Inari. We noticed the gold hunt review and wanted to apologize, we were unaware that the security in the miko's bedrooms had ban enabled in adition to the eject, that is being corrected now.

[18:14] Inari Ōkami (barren.huszar): (Saved Mon Jan 23 06:35:35 2017)and to be fair thesecurity orbs should of only booted and banned you from their rooms, which are parceled off and seperate from the rest, their rooms have no coins.

[18:14] Inari Ōkami (barren.huszar): (Saved Mon Jan 23 06:49:21 2017)we posted the full details on the reviews
[18:23] Kyrie (kyrie.thunders): it booted me from the land. i wasn't even inside a house, i ended up in a yard and couldn't jump out of :(
[18:23] Kyrie (kyrie.thunders): ty for looking in to it
[18:58] Kyrie (kyrie.thunders): and what an ass, accusing me in public of cheating when i wasn't, gee, what a class act.

Barren Huszar

January 23, 2017, 2:46 pm - View Personal Profile

The security orbs have been fixed so they only eject you, to be fair they should of only effected the parcel they were on, which are the miko's bedrooms, and as such the ban wouldnt of prevented your gold hunt since there are no coins in their 5 x 5 bedrooms.

The only full parcel ban for 1 hour happens if you fly over the land, it is a no-fly zone in the land settings and the only ones who would fly are those who are ignoring the land owners wishes and doing so anyways using admin console, But you wouldnt do that.

furthermore even the no fly security orb that detects people cheating gives 60 seconds for them to ground themselves, ejects them, then if they come back one more warning and another 60 seconds before a 1 hour ban.

In short, there shouldnt of been anything that would of been unfair or prevented you from being able to play gold hunt here unless you were bypassing parcel settings to get an edge on those who walk the land.

Kyrie Thunders

January 23, 2017, 10:49 am - View Personal Profile

Haven't been on much lately but decided to go to rush in this land, ended up in an apparently secure area (security orb) that wasn't indicated as a secure area with any markings and was unable to get out within 10 seconds so it threw me out and banned me for 60 minutes... pretty unfriendly :(

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