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Sandbox @ Fantasy Farmer & Aika Fantasy Farm

Unfortunately the owner of this land JennyBeck35 Resident doesn't have a Gold Hunt Vote Station installed yet, so we can't show you their parcel image.

Land Rank #620 (170 votes)

Parcel Description

Earn money as you stay and enjoy multiples options on the SIM. Make amazing quick earning lindens. Dont forget SIM Rules; and also Take group tag ( Mandatory ) and sandbox at your pleasure to enjoy (on the Sandbox SIM SIDE ) Earn Lindens, Fish Hunt, Voodoo, 7Seas, and G&S and Aura Fishing for Fantasy Farmer Rez, Create, Explore, Build, Test, and go fishing, earn lindens, shop for Role playing Farming food, items, sell, trade. for G&S, Aura (Only experience), Breedables and more. For questions and concerns, Please forward to owner(s) of this Owner. Fourthreetwo Resident and SirVamperica Resident (Comptroller/ Bank Avatar )


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Where Magical Fantasy of Gorean and Aura Comes to life; Newly Farming Place to  be.Where magic awaits you :P With Swans, Butterflies; WIllow whisper...and floating magical lantern, and luna light..

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