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Gold Hunt Land Profile

House in The Sun Mesh Apparel

Unfortunately the owner of this land Lady Stromfield doesn't have a Gold Hunt Vote Station installed yet, so we can't show you their parcel image.


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Custom mesh clothing, furniture and 1L animations by Lady Stromfield. We offer outfits, skirts, dresses, boots, armor, camisks and silks, adult furniture and full perm mesh. mall, stores, advertise, ad boards https://houseinthesunsl.blogspot.com/


House in the Sun owns and operates Bondage Bay and the Collarsseum Club. We offer gold hunt, fishing, a shopping mall, discussion area, beach and roman play area. We are a mesh clothing store primarily catering to multiple bodies but focusing on Maitreya, Signature Geralt and V-Tech body mod clothing. We offer full perm mesh, full perm textures and full perm animations. We're a crazy fun store that just loves making stuff with things.

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