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Gold Hunt Land Profile

Feelmore City

Unfortunately the owner of this land Diamanatrix Nouvelle doesn't have a Gold Hunt Vote Station installed yet, so we can't show you their parcel image.

Land Rank #321 (5,342 votes)

Parcel Description

AFK Sex ERP Roleplay RLV BDSM Adult Stripper Motel XXX Home Rental Townhouse Apartment Stores Beach Pier City Ghetto Red Light Alley Motel Shopping Dance Club Music Movie Games Entertainment Advertising AD Boards Linden Gacha Arcade Rides Boats Photos, Fishing, Coins and Linden Boards.


or copy to your chat in Second Life:

Feelmore is a city sim that offers a little something for everyone. All are welcome to explore the possibilities and secrets Feelmore holds to enhance your Second Life experience. 

Feelmore offers a wide variety of AFFORDABLE homes and stores for you to rent. Unlike other sims we want you to have a place to call home without breaking the bank. We are NOT here to make money we are here to help you make the most of your Second Life.




Feelmore City is a multi themed what and what would it be without a Downtown? For those that like to have a NIGHT LIFE here it is. Wander the streets, hit the club, visit the red light district and go AFK. This is a prim location for XXX and Motel / Brothel visits. Downtown is a place for people with Dark Desires and Unimaginable Fantasies.




That perfect community! The greatest coffee shops and bakeries and the streets lined with the best homes and community shopping. Welcome to Uptown in Feelmore City. Wind down after a day of shopping at the local donut shop. Relax under a tree swing at the center park while sipping on some coffee and freshly baked pastries or visit the cat cafe and play with your favorite feline. Then walk home under the perfect weathered sky to a luxurious home with amazing views.




Fun under the sun, Welcome to Feelmore's Pier and entertainment hot spot. Wanna catch a movie? How about play some games at the arcade with your friends? Visit the canal and fish? Take a couple seadoos off the sim? Feelmore Pier has just that and more. Enjoy the beautiful sim while riding the Ferris wheel or get that perfect tan you've been wanting out at the AFK beach. For the residents who want it all we have beautifully landscaped custom homes and lots for you to live in and enjoy with only the finest locations Feelmore has to offer.



Diamanatrix Nouvelle's Blog Posts

Not your ordinary Gold Hunt
February 23, 2019, 3:29 am
Feelmore Harbor is now a gold hunt sim as well as hmmmmm some sights that may or may not be appropriate (depending how y..

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