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Gold Hunt Land Profile

Letter Of Marque

Land rank 149: The Shoppes of Shimane
Land rank 151: Men Fashion


or copy to your chat in Second Life:

Welcome to My Waterside property !

Last november I finally made the jump to Premium after years of playing for free ( not counting the cost of Internet ).

After making the decision to go  Premium, I decided to walk the world with the map enabled to show me parcels for sale by owners......

This Parcel was up for a mere 4800L...a total steal by any measure. 

Not only does the parcel have public access to a waterway, I have placed a Jet Ski Rezzer for visitors to try out

( Use your Mini Map to show you the boundries of the public waterway as you surf the waves ).

You'll find Fishing ( when I have ther Lindens ) and coins around the land, under the water and in the sky.

I will have a few meager things for sale...nothing much, but the Lindens go toward the fishing buoy refills.


Finding the Goldtokens Ad was the best thing ever for rescuing my entire game.

Since I clicked that Ad, I have travelled far and wide, was blessed to see great amounts of Artistic content and creative scenes.  

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