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Gold Hunt Land Profile

Bondage Bay

Land rank 269: Icings Snuffles
Land rank 271: Wicked Grounds

Land Rank #270 (8,612 votes)

Parcel Description

Bondage Bay is fully RLV equipped with grabbers & RLV equipment, all open to the public, for your enjoyment. Play in our Bath House, Bondage Pavilion, Sex Beach & much more. Access to this area is through the club. Group members of the club have access to dream scenes in Bondage Bay. We've got something for everyone.


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Grab our free gifts just beside the stores, in House in the Sun or in the club next door while you are here. We do our best to provide for your very best experience. We've got Lucky Chairs, Midnight Mania, 7seas, Gold Hunt and Fish Hunt. We have ad boards and an advertising group.
Learn more about Bondage Bay online at https://collarseum.blogspot.com/p/bondage-bay.html

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