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Total Earnings: 101,836L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 1,139 (6,877 EXP)  down314

Fish Hunt Rank: 186 (1,419,171 EXP)  down34

Kingdoms and empiresAMF
Gender: Female

I have been a member of LGH for 3 years, almost from the very beginning of the creation of the community. I am a clan officer for Twisted Revolution. We have some exciting things planned for the future so if you want to see what those things are, join us! We would be happy to have you! http://www.goldtokens.net/clans/128/twisted-revolution smiley



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Calling all Sweepers
DawnM01 Resident Posted by in Gold Sweepers
August 26, 2013, 1:28 pm - 1,134 Views
Hello Gold Sweepers!   As most of you know, Gold Sweepers has a chat group, but recently I noticed that there were se..

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