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Total Earnings: 17,875L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 5,982 (691 EXP)  down105

Fish Hunt Rank: 476 (674,857 EXP)  down5

Gender: Male

Hello Guys,

My name is Gerald Bedrosian and I do love and enjoy playing Second Life.

I have created my Second Life account several years ago and I have been playing it casually. This is the reason why I cannot claim myself as a pro on this game but actually, I am still a complete beginner with so much a lot to learn.

On this month of September, 2019, I have joined Gold Tokens. It is an interesting group that offers and features several entertaining games to play which includes Fish Hunt, Gold Hunt, Farm Frenzy, Snuffles, and etc... The best part about these games is that, they give their players the opportunity to earn their first Linden dollars.

Moreover, I am a friendly person and I don't bite like an angry dog. I am open to making new friends so if you are interested, you can hit me up on my IM and we can be friends.

See you around in the virtual world of Second Life.

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