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Total Earnings: 82,559L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 8 (1,279,705 EXP)  up8

Fish Hunt Rank: 5,735 (1,227 EXP)  down1,129

Gender: Female, Partner: no partner

Since I joined SL in 2007 I have experience in business, managing, counseling. Speaking 4 different languages helps me to come around.

Spending much time in Gold Hunting my last experience was the split of my blue ice shubbie.

Have fun and take care!

Yours Nellie Nemeth

Nellie Nemeth's Blog Posts

Chocolate Shubbie for Sale (used in Gold Hunt)
Nellie Nemeth Posted by in Gold Hunt
February 23, 2017, 9:42 am - 268 Views

Get fast and higer in ranking with a rare kind of pet!


Chocolate shubbie for sale.


Not bo..

Blue Ice Shubbie for Sale
Nellie Nemeth Posted by in Gold Hunt
August 25, 2016, 1:31 pm - 392 Views

Blue Ice Shubbie / Gold Hunt / for Sale 1250 Lindens or make me an offer.

Do you want to go ahead in Gold H..

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