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SharonShimmer's Profile

SharonShimmer Resident's Profile Image

Total Earnings: 3,354L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 1,872 (3,914 EXP)  down93

Fish Hunt Rank: 2,350 (18,574 EXP)  up3,391

Gender: Female, Partner: Mazey73

I am called SharonShimmer  and am married to  Mazey73.  We are known as Sharon and Mazey Gryphon as we chose Gryphon for our married name. We have been married 3 years on here. I love fishing and coin hunting and have  ashubbie.  I have my own land where I have 2 worm farms to grow small worms  and I have a fishing shubbie too.   I work as a host / manager at  a club and enjoy meeting people. I belong to many groups and enjoy helping new users with basic info to get them started.  I like  to help other people where I can.  I look forward to meeting you all in world    Have a gfreat time fishing and coin hunting 





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