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Total Earnings: 373L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 2,048 (3,732 EXP)  down2,048

Fish Hunt Rank: 4,956 (3,402 EXP)  down4,956

Gender: Female

HI Welcome to Berry Goodness One & Two ( and Two & One) 
They are right next to each other in the new location. (July 11th 2019)
See my inworld profile for my land spot(s)
I Just want to have a cool hang outs and things to do at my place(s). Feel Free to PLEASE walk the maze gather some coins as well.
If you are in a hurry - please do come back when not coin hunting and have fun just chilling out in the hut and hangouts!
 Enjoy! and TIPS that you give my Soup Can -  go to filling coins and keeping cool things around! 
Maze,Shop and more will be set up. Girl gotta eat too =^..^=  So any shopping funds go back to land rent and upkeeps. 
( I have a skybox as well that is home - along with some other platforms up in the sky.

Please Knock First via IM - f you will if I happen to be online. (NO COINS WILL BE UP IN MY PERSONAL SPACE)
I do not mind if you hang out up there - just shut down poseballs etc - adult stuff up there so be warned. 
Any questions? drop me a NC or use the online board that I have set up. =^.^= Thanks and Have a Great Day! 

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