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Takarra Fargis's Profile

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Total Earnings: 33,933L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 3,218 (1,153 EXP)  down802

Fish Hunt Rank: 288 (883,205 EXP)  down4

Kingdoms and empiresAMF
Gender: Female

   ⇨ Sweet, silly, caring, and a little insecure.
   ⇨ Loyal to a fault, very random, yet shy at times.
   ⇨ I shop and gamble to much and afk in random places.
   ⇨ I miss Local chat and sometimes forget to say brb.
   ⇨ Love to make friends and I do talk to strangers.
   ⇨ People watcher and Profile Gawker!
   ⇨ Fishing Addict.. it all began with 50 worms and a beginner rod...  

Takarra Fargis's Blog Posts

The learning experiences of a Fishing Chair Girl!
May 29, 2013, 8:53 am - 1,302 Views

    So a few months back I had just started to get back into SL again after playing to much World of W..

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